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A recent trip to Bass Pro in Springfield, MO found me bringing home a box of Streak tracer or visual ammunition.  It’s a tracer alternative that is safer and cheaper.

As someone who went through a lot of tracer ammo in the military, I can assure you its fun to shoot. It’s super bright at night and just looks cool.  Normal tracer ammo you can even see during the day because it’s so bright. The downside is that it burns really hot because basically there is a HOT fire coming out of the butt of the bullet. And so it can be a significant fire hazard in dry conditions.

But this Streak tracer ammo is non-incendiary. That means there is no fire from the round to be a fire hazard in the target area. The technology it uses is a simple glow in the dark piece of plastic that is lit up by the explosion of the gun powder in the barrel.  So when the bullet leaves the barrel, the rear end is glowing.  

So unlike regular tracer ammo, it doesn’t get as bright and you can only see it during the day. 

Streak Tracer Video Review

Take a look at the video and review and let me know if you would buy a box of this or not. A bunch of this could be fun…but is it as fun as normal tracers?  Hmm…that’s a tough bill to pay.

The ammo is sold at Bass Pro.  Look for the Streak Tracer end cap.

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