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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My “FRIEND”

Humans are trying to make friends with what has been their number one killer of all history. I don’t see this turning out well.

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  1. You cant make up a fiction story that would be as crazy as the reality we are living in. As a single mom of kids that are now entering adulthood, I would be scared for them if not for my faith. Love your channel. Miss seeing you on Fakebook lol

  2. I am not certain the Disney info is accurate and up to date. They used to do all you said, however not in the past 8 years or so, much more prevalent in the 1990's.

  3. Billie boy has been funding a company releasing malaria loaded genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida keys since 2021. The USA approved a UK company to do so and have spread to other states since.

  4. Easiest way to keep off mosquito. Lye soap, you must lather it on good, leave lather on, Do Not rinse off…. let it dry. mosquitoes will Not touch anywhere lye soap is. Old Appalachia knowledge.

  5. Malaria is an infection. The mosquito is the vector for the infection.

    You will not treat a malarial infection with tonic water. That is misleading and not responsible. The maximum allowable quinine concentration in tonic water by the FDA is 83 mg/L. Quinine has a short half-life and has to be taken 3 times daily for treatment. it is recommended to also take an antibiotic (tetracycline, doxycycline or clindamycin) for treatment.

    The standard dose for malaria treatment is 648 mg three times daily. This means you have to drink 7.8 liters of tonic water for a SINGLE dose. For a daily dose you would need to drink over 23 liters. Obviously, drinking tonic water for a malarial infection is not reasonable.

  6. I still can't understand why he's not arrested for releasing genetically modified mosquitos on an unsuspecting population… How is that NOT an environmental disaster ??? The sick little bastard belongs in satans ass.

  7. I live in Southern Utah where it’s so dry and hot. This year we had more rainfall than we’ve had in a while and it’s made the mosquito population ramp up. They are a particular mosquito from Africa apparently and are really aggressive. Never have I ever been so viciously bitten. These bites make huge welts that bruise. So far no disease going around but who knows if that will change.

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