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The Mortage Lifter Tomato Review

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  1. I was going to try the mortgage lifter, glad that I did not. The only issue I have with the Cherokee purple is that they have green shoulders, which I usually trim off when using them in salsa. I have good luck with the Woods variety, which is an heirloom, and also Jet Star, which is a hybrid. I am in Missouri one zone about your zone.

  2. Those ugly tomatoes: maybe use them for a BLENDED salsa; your same salsa recipe, but blend the tomatoes instead. Chop into big chunks, ugly parts included, simmer until soft, run through a food mill (if you don’t have a mill / strainer, just press through a stainless steel pasta strainer / sieve), and then simmer the resulting juice until it’s the consistency you want. Add the rest of your salsa ingredients and can. Or blend smooth and can.
    I hope that all made sense. You’ll still get to use them and have all the flavor, but in a smoother / smooth sauce. Enchilada sauce? Huevos rancheros? Chili starter? Taco soup starter?
    I usually grow AR T. every year, but this year, I decided to switch it up with Hungarian Heart. Huge tomatoes, great flavor, little seeds, but very ugly. 🙂 Excellent for tomato sauce … ugly bits and all.
    Shalom, Joanne in SW MO

  3. Ha still not going to try it. I have no desire to eat the organs of a birds. Go for it all the power to you, I have had to crack too many underdeveloped eggs open in my time of hatching to try to see why they died that nope I don’t want to eat that. I use to try new things all the time if I am unsure if it isn’t Biblical and it is undesirable for me why would I try it? Now I have gotten curious, would there be blood in the egg? Or can we eat cooked blood? I know if and when I help them hatch there is a bit of blood. Also who is to say that if they found the eggs in a nest they would crack them to cook them? All very interesting.

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