The Most Important Things in Life, Aren’t Things.

olafWhat is this weird looking snowman thing?  What, my husband looks like a duck person?  These are some of the questions that have gone through my mind recently.  I spent more than a year of my life away from the computer and any other electronic device.  I was learning to live off-grid and my life was so busy caring for my family.  Now that I don’t feel like crashing myself after I get the kids in bed, I can take a little time for myself.

I got back on facebook and it seemed like the world had passed me by!  People are posting about their kids memorizing all the words to songs of movies I have never heard of.  I think everyone on the planet has probably seen Frozen, except my family and me!  I saw plenty of pictures of bearded men advertizing stuff in Walmart, but I never realized that these men have one of the hottest shows on TV and were the cause of so much controversy.

I feel so out of it, but kind of feel good about that.  When you are a kid, you hate not knowing what everyone else knows.  It’s so embarrassing!  But now I feel grateful for that feeling.  It’s proof to me that the priorities in my life really have changed.   My family spends our time in so many different ways.

Joshua fishLast summer, Joshua caught his first fish, in the pond on our homestead.  He was six at the time and so proud of himself.  He flew his kite with Daddy today in our front yard.  We have been blessed with so much wind on our property.  The kite soared and dived and crashed frequently.  Our little kittens chased the tail, got wrapped up in it and then bounced away terrified when the kite got too close.  Our boys laughed and screamed and had so much fun.  They both love being outside!  It’s difficult to get them to come inside.

Joshua is so excited about his new pet kittens.  Every animal on our farm has a function and the cats are no different.  My family always had cats when I was growing up, but my husband hates cats!  One of our compatibility agreements when we got married was that I would never want to have a cat.  That was fine with me.  But our recent “rabbit in the garden” problem has now made it necessary to have cats.  Joshua loves them and he is so happy to have his pets.  Yesterday I looked out the window and Zac was relaxing on the deck, with a sleeping kitten in his lap.

wheelbarrowGrandpa’s rides in the wheelbarrow are one of Kaleb’s most favorite things.  He is 20 months old and I really think he believes that life revolves around the wheelbarrow.  He sits so straight with one hand on each side.  He always has the expression like his persistence in waiting finally paid off and now he’s being ferried around like the king of the world.

I don’t feel bad about being out of it.  I guess the world is passing me by, but I’m kind of proud about that.  These are the important things in life and all of the things we wanted when we started looking for a simpler life.

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Jaimie lives with her husband on their off-grid homestead known online as An American Homestead. They live with their two sons and her parents Tim and Joann on 50 acres located deep in the American Ozark Mountains.

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