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The Top REASON Why Homesteaders QUIT!

Why do many homestead fail and the homesteaders give up? I’m going to give you the #1 reason why this happens.

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  1. So true…
    When I first got married I had a home in the city . We started having children and both of us wanted to move to the woods to start a homestead farm and get our family out and away of the city.
    Sadly, even though we were on the same page at first, it took less than two years before our divorce. 10 years married and 4 children.
    Now me and my children love the farm, but their mother went back to the world and even deeper into it than before.
    I and my children love the homestead. We have around 60 katahdin sheep, nubian goats, and chickens. Currently Im building a green house and fencing around our fruit orcherd.
    My children dont like that we do not have internet, but it also gives us other things to do. Board games, cards etc. Family time.
    Sadly the homestead has been extremely hard, esecally doing it alone now, 4 years divorced. I personally was raised as a boy in the woods on a dairy farm.
    So just because a city woman says she wants to live in the woods, lol the dream is real until the rubber meets the road.
    I love our homestead, and so do my children. Its totally worth it, even if you have to do it alone. Hard times are coming, and homesteading will place your family in a better future.

  2. I tell people who ask me about Homesteading that its a team effort. You and your wife need to be on the same page. Zero exceptions. One person cannot do this alone. It takes hard work and full dedication. You either want it or you dont. THERE IS NO HALF WAY. Go at it slow, learn everything you can to do it yourself. Buy used, not new. Learn from others, get to know your community and the people around you, have moral ethics and integrity. The more you have in your circle, the easier it will get. Start small, then grow out from there. There will be stress, there will be good times, but it all comes together in one big blessing. Having my Faith helps keep my family’s feed grounded. When I started to see my meals were completely from the farm, I knew all the hard sweat and tears put in was worth it. Quick animal story: I raised a turkey from a pullet. We had 10, and lost 9 to sickness or predators. It was an amazing animal, it would follow me around while I fed the chickens, she really became my ‘buddy’ during those times. I put it up every night because it had a hard time climbing into the coop (which was built on stilts). Loved that animal. I wont forget the day, the day before thanksgiving, when I had to go get her, and butcher her to make ready for our family dinner. It was hard, very hard. But through the process, I felt really blessed. Our Thanksgiving was shared with immediate family and it was the best meat we ever had. God is Good, his blessings come in many ways. The term ‘Farm to Fork’ became a reality for us that day (as it does every day), It was a good day!

  3. Don’t get me started on people and their pets – especially dogs and cats, etc. People let these animals take over the house and do whatever they want, [like a cat climbing the kitchen counters, after it walked through its litter box (think about that, not rocket science)]. I can go on and on

    They (people) would starve to death so they can feed their child, aka PET.

    Not going to happen at my house. No farm animal (including dogs) enter my house. Farm outside, humans inside. 🙂

  4. “The wife was a vegetarian.” Its going to be a good day. I got a good BELLY LAUGH when I heard that one. Being a vegetarian is a luxury afforded to the rich. MOST people on the planet will eat what is available to sustain life.

  5. My husband has been talking about this issue with giving human characteristics to animals since I met him, nearly 40 years ago. We never knew it has an official name. Bambi and Charlotte’s Web in particular are so concerning. Giving animals human characteristics quickly becomes a belief that animals have souls and emotions. We had not considered that it would be the basis for people leaving self-sufficiency/homesteading. So many that we know ran to the country in fear 3 years ago. They have no interest or skills and no desire to learn, just a feeling they “have to do this” to survive. We’ve been watching for land prices to plummet as quickly as they skyrocketed when the world doesn’t end on their timeline and they move back to the city at any loss to get back to life they had. As a whole, this country is addicted and entitled to entertainment and comfort. We are a lazy people. We’ve long been concerned about the fate of our nation if we truly go to war because so few are physically fit or conditioned to fight. The drug pandemic is consuming and desimating our young people in the prime of life that should be working and contributing to society but they are a drain and cancer as they barely exist. It is heart-breaking to watch. Our cities and even some small towns are overwhelmed with the homeless, drug addicted population of young people that live on the streets.

  6. We lived off grid for over 13 years, tried raising our children in that atmosphere in the late 80’s throughout the 90’s. The thing that got us was lack of proper fire insurance and the lack of internet for our children when we homeschooled them. We found it necessary to supply this technology to them and at the time generator power didn’t mesh well with computer modems as well as no internet service yet in our outskirts.

  7. Used to live on 20 acres out in the woods. Then circumstances meant we had to move in town. That lasted 7 yrs and I was suicidal. Drs told hubby to get me back out to the country. Now we’re on a little 5 acre homestead with chickens and I jus eviscerated 2 turkeys for the Holidays. Health just keeps getting better.

  8. I understand your point and mostly agree with you, but you take it too far in regard to dogs. There is a difference between a dog ATTACKING someone and biting someone. If your kid pulls the dog’s tail or hurts the dog and the dog bites as an instinctive reaction, that’s not the same as an attack and not worthy of being shot.

  9. I’m wondering is homesteader attrition from anthropomorphism is an early cause of attrition? Like one to three years not six. And that those that leave after four to five years leave for different types of reasons.

  10. People who are of the A blood group (regardless of Rhesus factor) can successfully survive eating mostly fruit, vegetables and grains, provided that the types of food they eat are compatible with they blood group.
    On the other hand, those that are of the O blood group need adequate animal products. They can even thrive on a carnivore diet.
    That can also be a possible conflict point which families need to understand and address, even when nobody has ethical issues.

  11. I have issues with blood but so long as I could harvest animals before eating, I could probably push through. As for humanizing animals, I can’t remember which great uncle it was but when my parents took me to visit them when I was 3, one of the farm dogs bit me and it was put down. Not sure if I was the first or not but it was put down. I still have issues with large dogs as a result. Look I’m a sensitive soul and I do have trouble with animals being killed but I can also rationalise it within myself. I do archery and using the target butts with pictures of feral cats is hard to aim at but I know it’s for the greater good. I also have trouble aiming at the camel targets (in Australia -feral camels is an issue) but I would one day like to take camels and walk around Australia with them.

  12. Iam old live in a small town and I see that cultural ana- thing you talk about with friends and neighbors. They are like this with their stupid pets. They expect you to treat them like children. I don’t so I am not too popular with them, but thats ok with me.

  13. The hilarious part is how many people want to be like the pioneers and they don’t realize that even in their day, both the western pioneers and the original pilgrims were made of tougher stuff than the average citizens of their time AND WE ARE WEAKER THAN THE AVERAGE CITIZEN OF THE PAST. We’d never stand a chance at pilgrimage to a new land!

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