They Are Banning Wood AND Gas Stoves

I have been saying for years that the wood stove industry is in serious trouble. Not because they are having a hard time selling their products but instead because their industry is under full scale attack!! The politicians motivated by a climate change boogie man is moving to ban all future installations of wood stoves in new homes but they are now also moving to eliminate wood stoves in existing homes. But it doesn’t stop there. They are openly attacking gas stoves and appliances as well.

States that are leaning left are the ones where many of the politicians are openly attacking ownership of such appliances. They know that these appliances allow homeowners to cheaply heat homes and cook foods but that is not stopping them. They are proposing legislation both at the local level and state level to severely limit ownership of wood and gas stoves.

Prepare for the assault on stoves
Get a good efficient wood stove now. Prices are going up. It’s the same effect that you see when these bureaucrats attack firearms. People buy more and prices go up. Need spare parts for your appliances and stoves? Buy them now!


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Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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  1. It’s because gas stoves have a proven link to childhood asthma. It’s not political. It’s for the safety of human lungs, especially developing human lungs. Turns out inhaling Gas fumes long term is bad for your health, go figure. Please stop aiding the divide and conquer strategy. You’ve got more in common with poor people of color than you do rich politicians but you’ll never see that it if you keep allowing your critical thinking skills to be hijacked by sensationalist nonsense.

    • To whoever you are who believers everything you hear on MSNBC – gas stoves do NOT cause asthma – this is one of many lies being promoted by the leaders of the WEF and it’s part of their Agenda 2030 – all lies designed to strip everyone of their rights so they can take control of everything and everyone! They control all mainstream media and all the mindless sheeple just believe and repeat everything they say. The media tells the publicThis is one of many lies that are being promoted by the mainstream media, who are all controlled & paid off by a small group of powerful elitist tyrants who have been planning to take complete control over our government, and they’re succeeding at it because all the naive people like you, are laying down and obeying everything they tell you to do! Yes I know you think that’s just a that if they don’t trust & believe the government and their media outlets, then they must be “crazy conspiracy theorists”. That’s what they say, each time they take away your Constitutional rights and freedoms, one by one – it’s a classic Marxist tactic, which has been used in every Communist takeover throughout history – they claim that it’s for your own good and that they care about the people. If you believe that, you’re very naive! There is no evidence whatsoever, that gas stoves cause asthma — if that were true, then billions of people would have had asthma since the invention of gas stoves! The truth is that natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels in the world! The communist tyrants who have infiltrated our government and our media, have a plan to use food, water, and transportation, to completely control the people! They are taking away your right to hear your home, to raise your own chickens, to own your own home, to travel freely in a car, and much more! Their goal is for everyone to live in “smart cities”, AKA “15-minute cities” in which you can’t leave your district and all your needs are provided by the government! The 1st step toward this, is to lie to the people, so that they’ll give up everything that gives them self-sufficiency & freedom, like gas cars, gas stoves, they say that having chickens is “dangerous” which is a LIE, they say eggs are bad for people (another lie) yet they are creating fake food out of recycled trash and cockroach protein, to feed to you when you live in the high tech “smart cities” where everything you say will be recorded and you will only be allowed to have government controlled digital dollars, as long as you obey all the rules. No this is not a science fiction plot – it is a REAL PLAN for the future, and the World Economic Forum had their big meeting about it for the past week – they were talking about all the ways they will control people, by inserting microchips into all the medicine, require “vaccine” passports, which they call “surveillance uber the skin” and using nano-technology to change human DNA, to make them more weak & subservient to the elitist overlords! What they are planning for humanity, is worse than the Nazi concentration camps, and it starts with convincing the mindless sheeple that “gas stoves are bad for you………”

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