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I’m always excited to review products for our website. I especially like to review products for the prepper community as I know so many of us use our hard earned dollars to stock up on these items that our family may someday rely on.

Food storage products are a hard sell in my opinion. So many of them are packed with oils that go rancid over time. So despite saying so, they really can not be considered “long term” storage foods.

When I was contacted by Valley Food Storage to do a review on their products, I got excited to see finally a long term storage food company that is doing it completely different than everyone else. They don’t include the oils (unless its coconut oils) that can go rancid, they don’t include the fillers and GMO products, and they don’t include MSG seasonings or chemical preservatives.

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag up front. This chilli we sampled from Valley Food Storage could easily win a chilli cook off contest! Yes, it’s that good!

One of the big reasons my wife and I decided to live off-grid and to raise our own foods from our garden and livestock is because we wanted to know what goes into our food. Most of the food we eat here is made from scratch. We know how the food is grown and how it’s prepared. Today in the supermarkets, this is not the case. Most products you see down the grocer isle are full of chemicals or GMO ingredients. It’s very rare to find pre-packaged products from a company dedicated to avoiding modern artificial ingredients and preservatives.

What Valley Food Storage is doing is amazing and in my opinion is now the GOLD standard in the prepping industry that all other companies should attempt to replicate. Are you hearing me, Mr. Mountain House? Is that silly squirrel over at Be Prepared paying attention?

I have seen the sale numbers from many of the corporate giants in the fast food industry in the last year and they are in trouble with today’s consumer. Many people are done eating chemically laden foods. The prepper community is an educated and informed community. They are people who pay attention. These other companies will continue to suffer lower sales numbers until they can get their act together and produce healthy products.

On top of all this, Valley Food only uses oils like Palm or Coconut that won’t go rancid. Additionally, they are nitrogen purging each meal in heavy mylar that will ensure an actual long term storage product.

Jaimie and I decided to taste test the product and we worked out a deal with Valley Food Storage to give away one of their 72 hour packs($100 value) to one of our fans on Roku. See the video below.

Valley Food Storage – 72 Hour Kit

We have an unbelievable audience of over 50,000 household subscriptions on the Roku Homestead Channel. If you are interested, you can find the Homestead Channel in the Roku Special Interest Category. Roku has over 10 million users and it’s growing rapidly. You can purchase Roku at your local Best Buy, Walmart or other local retailer.

We want to give away the Valley Food Storage 72 hour kit to a member of our Roku audience. You will need to locate the Homestead Channel and find the giveaway video to learn how to register for the giveaway. The winner of the Valley Food Kit will be announced on our first Season 2 episode June 1, 2016.

I would really encourage our readers to check out Valley Food Storage and see yourself the selection they offer and sign up for them to send you a free sample!

Tell them you heard about it on An American Homestead!

Enjoy the Video below!

Review Overview

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  1. Did you mean June of 2015?

  2. Hi Zac,
    I tried finding the video on The Homesteading Channel, and I looked several times, but I did not see it. The last video on there was Trapping Beavers. A I missing something?

  3. Keep up the good reviews! I can’t help but think that many people order SHTF supplies without every trying them. A mistake that will come back to haunt them. You need to make sure that your preps are not a waste of money. You need to be able to ensure that you’ll be able to sustain your life when the troubles begin.

    Just Bill

  4. Thank you for the review. I’ve been looking around for a good food storage company. I notice you mentioned this company “only uses oils like palm and coconut that won’t go rancid”. While coconut oil is a very healthy and sustainable resource I have always avoided palm oil, as I believe its use is a big cause of the destruction of the rainforests in many parts of the world. (and rainforests are the planet’s lungs while also providing habitat for so many endangered plants and animals.) I’m wondering where they get their palm oil? Do you know if it is from a farmed source or rainforest source?

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