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With over a decade of experience of off grid homesteading, you can choose one of two ways get a better direction for your homesteading adventure. Sometimes knowing where to start with a mountain of tasks in front of you can be daunting. The best way to learn is from the experience of others and that is the purpose of this page and service.



Homestead Consultant

Submit 3-5 questions or concerns and Zac will respond with a 10-20 minute video addressing next steps, recommendations and a basic strategy that will keep you focused and moving forward.

Join our Patreon channel at the Consultant Level ($100) and then submit your questions through that website. Zac will respond with a private video link that you alone will have access to. You can keep this subscription level or cancel at anytime. Each month will entitle you to a new private video addressing the questions/concerns you submit through Patreon.

Month by month we can move through your areas on your homestead that you need and would like to focus on OR simply pay for the month whenever you need it and cancel the subscription until the next time. The subscription can be cancelled and reinstated as you see fit through your Patreon account.

The button above will direct you to my Patreon page and there you can subscribe to the consultant option to begin the process.


$1000 (plus travel expenses)

Homestead Consulting

This consulting option brings an expert out to your homestead for a full walkthrough to make first hand recommendations, compile a detailed report and strategy. Sometimes the best way to get the full picture of the situation is to show up in person and get eyes on details in order to move forward.

Booking this option will schedule Zac to show up for up to 3 hours and walk over your property and home while noting your largest and smallest concerns. This method allows an experienced set of eyes to address the things that need to be primarily targeted in terms of importance, self sufficiency and safety of the homestead. Upon completion of the walkthrough, Zac will put together a detailed strategy report that notes the topics that need to be addressed going forward. It will detail those areas that you are strong, the areas that are weak and provide an overall proposed direction forward for your homestead and family.

This service is only provided in the AREA of the MISSOURI, ARKANSAS OZARKS and EASTERN OKLAHOMA All travel expenses (fuel-lodging) will need to be covered by the customer with a non-refundable booking fee paid for up front.

Clicking the contact button above will direct you to my contact page. Submit the contact form and I’ll be in touch with you to schedule my visit and determine your needs going forward.

Homesteading Skills Covered In Consultation


Advice for families looking to live a more off grid or energy sufficient lifestyle.


Advice on plot locations, soil conditioning, soil supplements, pest pressures and MORE!


Your chickens are the entry level drug of homesteading but you better build your coop to be like Fort Knox!


Advice on raising sheep, goats, bovines, rabbits and all that goes along with them.


Want to know how to take apart an animal? Experience is the best teacher and I’ll show you how to get the job done efficiently and quickly


Master the challenges of rural internet connectivity. There are options but which one is right for you?


The world has gone crazy! I will show you the steps needed to make your property more secure.


Every homestead needs multiple sources of water.
I will show you how to set these up!


Proper forestry and pasture management is key to get the most out of your land and make it work for you.


An organized homestead is an efficient homestead. Are you settled but looking for better organization?


Many homesteads also double as homeschools, topics like curriculum and scheduling are covered.


Putting in fruit and nut trees can take time to see an ROI. Learn to put your trees in the right way and in the right place!


Prepping and homesteading go hand in hand.  Do you have a strategy for prepping and food storage and everything that goes with that?


Canning is essential for an effective food storage strategy and stocked pantry.


“Let your food be thy medicine and your medicine by thy food.”  You have an entire pharmacy on your land, let me show you!


I have a world of experience in selling and training with firearms since I was age seventeen. I can help you with this.

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