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Part 1 – Homeschool Curriculum – The Materials

This is part 1 in a 2 part video on what we use for our home school curriculum. You will see very quickly that we do not use a single or boxed curriculum. Jaimie sources and puts together her own studies for the year and tailors the material specifically for our own interest.

Below is the video timeline break down for each subject she discusses.

1:13 – Enrichment Studies

5:05 – Math (6 year old only)
5:40 – Reading (6 year old only)

6:05 – Language Arts
7:54 – Math ( MATH FACTS: https://timestales.com/?rfsn=1892343.28b68d )
8:30 – History
10:42 – Geography
12:47 – Science

So this is what we are using for our 2019 homeschool program. Next year will be different as our interest changes and we find new and exciting sources for learning.

Curriculum Resources mentioned in the video:

Spelling Wisdom Book 1 from Simply Charlotte Mason

Math 5 (version 3.0) from Teaching Textbooks

Writing & Rhetoric Book 1: Fable from Classical Academic Press

God’s Design “Properties of Matter” from Answers in Genesis

God’s Design “Properties of Atoms and Molecules” from Answers in Genesis

Visits to Asia from Simply Charlotte Mason

Visits to the Middle East from Simply Charlotte Mason

Picture Study Portfolio: Winslow Homer from Simply Charlotte Mason

Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, and Epistles from Simply Charlotte Mason

Typing Instructor

Speaking French with Miss Mason and Francois from Cherrydale Press

Singing the Great Hymns from Simply Charlotte Mason

All About Reading Level 1 readers from All About Learning Press

Letters and Numbers for Me from Learning without Tears

Math Made Easy: Grade 1 from DK

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Comment (17)

  1. Thank you for these videos. After a couple of years of sensing that God wanted me to homeschool my daughter, I am finally doing it. She will officially start in January and I have been praying for direction. I have never homeschooled or even really know anyone that does it. This is a step of faith for me and I am grateful for Yah’s faithfulness.

  2. I doubt yall see this but one can hope. How do yall if it has come up yet? Handle religious artwork. Example Giotto has religious artwork and many other artists do as well. I got a book that covers from Giotto up to Takashi Murakami. Before 1500 to present day. It was much cheaper than the Charlotte Mason route.

  3. We use a lot of the same resources! Charlotte Mason leaning eclectic homeschooling family of 8 here. I moved my oldest (10th grade) to an online math a few years ago and moved the 7th, 3rd & 2nd graders just recently to Teaching Textbooks also. The 6 yr old needs more focus mom time so needed to get a few things off of my plate also! It has been a huge help and they all love it! We love living books learning mostly for science and history. We just stopped using Spelling Wisdom as the Wheeler Speller is available for free online. Each section gives you a spelling rule to focus on and a bunch of quotes from literature that have words that fit that rule for studied dictation. We all like it so much better as I can quickly explain a spelling rule. And if they struggle with certain words I look to see if that spelling rule is available in the book so they can practice. It is working great! And it’s FREE! Shalom!

  4. I know that you teach around your faith. But do you also teach your kids the generally accepted theories about science? That way they at least know about them, even if they don’t believe they’re true

  5. She was such a treasure. ♥️ I’m sure the boys will love singing now, as they remember their sweet mother. How blessed they are to have had such a wonderful woman in their lives. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. We used the abeka academy my kids now are 31 and 29 so it’s been years we took our daughter to Florida to graduate with her class it 400 and 200 hundred showed up yes they did bible and everything it’s best for the children to home school

  7. Now my daughter is fixing to start home schooling her children ages 5 to 1 and she pregnant again with her 4th

  8. I could just cry when I see her happy smiling face. I lost my mother at an early age not that early but oh how I miss her. Blessings.

  9. this is one of the best homeschool videos I’ve seen. gives me an idea on resources and subjects since I’m new to this. new to the channel, was sorry to see of her passing. my condolences. I look forward to watching the rest of the playlist.

  10. She is so pretty! I wish I saw this when I homeschooled, but that was 30 years ago. Homeschooling is so much better now with so many resources!

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