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Final Pepper Harvest – An American Homestead

We basically finish up the garden harvest before we start preparing the soil for next spring. Lots of hot peppers and a good amount of sweet.

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  1. The colors in your produce this year are amazing.  It looks so fresh and good.  I just want to reach through my desktop and eat one!  Big difference in color between a store pepper and yours thats for sure.  Enjoy em you earned it!

  2. Zach…AWESOME T-Shirt you’re wearing…Where did you get it? **LOL** Thanks for the “FREE” advertising. Btw…be careful when harvesting hot peppers….don’t touch your eyes. It’s the pits when your eyes start to burn b/c you forgot to wash your hands after handling hot peppers. I had to learn the hard way.

  3. These unknown peppers look like a very common pepper in Brazil (where I live) called “dedo de moça” or lady finger.

  4. With that thin plastic greenhouse, have you had any problems with this harsh past 2015 winter? I live in NE Ohio and know I’ve have a little colder weather near the lakes than you in Missouri.

  5. Hello Homesteaders! I see all the great things going in your garden, and the great prep work going into such a wonderful project. I just wanted to say, don’t forget the biochar, and don’t forget your due dillagence on the PH preferences of the various plants your growing. A little ash can go a long way to adjust the PH, and a PH tester is a handy tool for really taking each type of crop your growing, to its optimal performance in you garden. Keep up the great work!

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