Welcome To An American Homestead

Off Grid Living – Deep Within The American Ozarks

If anyone tells you that homesteading is easy, they may not be the best example to follow and learn from.

We have been living off grid within the deep American Ozarks since 2012. The land we moved to had nothing on it except an old 19th century well and lots of overgrown brush. We carved out by hand our living and built everything here entirely from the ground up doing most of the work ourselves. In that time we have learned much with our successes and our failures and we believe we are in a position to work and help others detach from the city. To begin homesteading means to embrace a harder but yet a more rewarding lifestyle.

Everyone will have different circumstances and need to carve out their own path forward but having a resource that you can use can save you so much extra work and stress. But yet, what didn’t work for us may in fact work for you. We try to keep an open mind and be open to the endless possibilities homesteading can provide.

Youtube and Rumble have given us the ability to offer a variety of free resources for you to enjoy on this website.  We also offer a more behind the scenes and direct connection with Zac through out Patreon page where you can become a member.

And we also offer personal 1 on 1 consulting and homestead coaching for  more personalized and strategic planning that homesteaders might need.


“When You Push Preparedness To Its Logical Conclusion,
You Will Always End Up On A Homestead”

Come Learn With Us!


Offering personal consulting and coaching for all things homesteading.


We talk about the latest news items that effect homesteaders and those trying to live this lifestyle.


The entry level drug of homesteading and sustainable food production.


Videos concerning sheep, goats, beef and livestock of all breeds.


Alternate energy types and solar power gadgets and home energy.


Learning to grow our own food including fruits, veggies, and soil building amendments.


Water is the most important resource for your homestead.


Land, pasture and forest management is important if you want to get the most from your resources.


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