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Why SO MANY Women Have Migraines – Off Grid Lighting – Bottle Addiction

See my quick seed saving example, lets talk about why I don’t have LEDs or fake lighting in my

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  1. The way colorblindness was explained to us in school was that it was a trait that is carried only on the y-chromosome, and so it was impossible for a girl (or woman) to be colorblind.

  2. I like to open the windows and let in natural light, but I only have one small window in my kitchen, and previously my house had no window in the kitchen and very little natural light that came in through the living room windows (there was a forested hill directly behind the house). Plus, my husband insists on keeping curtains closed to keep the Arkansas summer heat out of the house. It’s so hard to get enough sunlight, and to not turn on the lights all day!

  3. I am female. I never get headaches unless I am actually coming down sick — very rare. Blues & greens get mixed up. I become disoriented in florescent lighting, especially if there are chemicals in the environment like formaldehyde. I bought my eyeglasses from Zenni, & I got all the bells & whistles — blue light, anti-glare, etc. They only cost $45!! When we go tent camping & I am not exposed to electromagnetic energy I feel great, calm, & happy.

  4. Sometimes just having that little fire behind the glass is so soothing and like a vacation from electrical lights. If an oil or kerosene lamp doesn’t make enough light, an Aladdin is brighter and a white gas lantern produces a ton of bright light. You have to choose what you need.

  5. Hi, around 15 years ago I read a medical study on the affects of low light environments on children, with a focus on inner city “latchkey” kids. These children where not allowed to go outside after school to play, they where instruction to keep indoor lighting low and watch TV for their own safety. Usually because they spent several hour alone until their parent/parents got home. It was a fascinating study about the inability of these children to distinguish subtle changes in color gradation. For example the multiple shade changes from pink to purple. Don’t get me wrong, they could see significant changes, but not what a child can see, who is exposed to full sunlight regularly. The study attributed this loss to poor exposure to sunlight daily which encouraged cone color receptor development in the eye over time. Bottom line – these children had permanently lost the ability to see these shades. I wish I could fine the study but it has been too long ago, it was probably in a professional journal. I’m an Occupational Therapist. Have a good day.

  6. When should I plant my tomato seeds so they are ready to plant in the spring? December? I do have a sunroom, and the GF and I have a canning jar love, the older the better. Bottles too!!!!

  7. Could you suggest another good lantern since Dietz is no longer easy if at all possible to find anymore? Would Feuerhand be a good alternative?

  8. We want more coverage of this bottle collection; how big is it, do you reuse them, what do you use them for, do you decorate with them? Need more info.

  9. Anything with sorbitol (or its relatives) gives me an immediate migraine … aura and all. Found this out when I switched from regular altoids to the “minis.” The latter are diet (i didn’t know). Almost all sorbitol.

  10. I’ve had migraines for over 20 yrs. I’ve found that by increasing my electrolytes they almost completely stopped. I increased minerals magnesium, calcium and potassium to stop charlie horses in my ribs whenever I twisted, due to electrolyte imbalance. It worked and low n behold my migraines stopped too. I also increased vit B1. D, C.

  11. Oh I Know the madness for assorted BOTTLES!!! Had so many before I moved,it was literally a history of the Juice Industry!!!

  12. Since I quit working in hospitals, no more migraines (headaches gone too). I don’t know if the stress was killing me or all the frequencies in a hospital… they’re GONE! Hallelujah!

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