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Now The Government KILLS ALL Backyard Chickens

Commercial AND Backyard chicken owners and producers are under attack by government officials culling millions of birds.

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  1. My small town only allows me 3 hens in city limits. I’ve got a pretty big yard and could house 20 chickens comfortably. I’m tempted to go to the next city council meeting to get this ordinance reversed. I find it crazy that they can limit the amount of food I produce on my property that I pay taxes on.

  2. Squirrels Soros sponsored have invaded my garden so I dumped all chickens and raise quail and chicken hawks!!

  3. Unless you are selling across state lines or volunteer to have your flock to get tested, the government does NOT show up to test your birds. Please don’t fear monger that idea. AI (avian influenza) is a serious problem and is killing a lot of birds, but there’s no reason to freak people out.

  4. Gee, I can’t imagine why. Maybe it’s because we want to have ANY CHICKENS LEFT AT ALL.
    But sure, I bet your solutions are better than any science those silly people in labcoats can come up with.
    You knuckle-dragging, evil-spirit-worshiping, buffoon.

  5. This is all lies this is just one of the ways the the democrats are pushing us in socialism. I’m not saying that the diseases don’t exist but I am saying that the democrats are just lying to you

  6. The problem is dense population. Trying to provide food for the whole country. If people dispersed into smaller communities and developed a sustainable local food system you will have a lot less disease. You will not need a million birds. Government controlled food is the problem

  7. Maybe I don’t know enough but this seems like click bait conspiracy. “The out of control government is going to overpay you for your chickens!” Ok so then just start fresh with all of the profits.

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  9. I have the first chicken video ever put up on YouTube oh, they have ads on them but I get nothing and since I make bad comments they made it so that my videos are almost shadowbanned I wouldn’t put it past any of the leftist pure evil Democrats to remove all rights

  10. I’d like to add a personal historical observation. My father was a poultry veterinarian back in the 70’s (I think) when this new disease hit the county in which we lived. They were scrambling to understand what this was and how to stop it. No chickens and Weaver’s Poultry, a small family owned poultry processor, would be out of business. The farmer’s were hurting. It was really bad. My dad would talk about the high mortalities and low bird weights and the poor farmers with whom he’d had relationships for years. He became somewhat of an expert in it. I remember he was invited to talk at many conferences. It doesn’t sound like they’ve made any progress in containment or treatment protocol. I was a sideliner beekeeper after I got married. The state government will do the same to your bees and hives if they are found to have American Foul Brood. In Indiana the state beekeeper has a torch in the car. They get burned on the spot, no questions. Many city ordinances ban or limit hives, too.

  11. Well ilove brownred but I also have blue cuckoo marans n I’m also goin ta need a hem that’s a silkie mainly

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