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Homesteaders KEEP THROWING This Away!

Wood Ash is an amazing byproduct of home heating in the winter time. I hope that you will think twice before just throwing it out.

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  1. Great info. This is our first winter with our wood burning insert we purchased in the spring . I will begin saving our wood ash today. A lot of great uses that you mentioned. Thanks! You may have mentioned this but if not hopefully everyone knows to save these in a metal container with a metal lid !

  2. Great info, thanks!! I remember using ash to polish my moms brass, does it count if I sourced it from her ashtrays, jeje, Yah bless

  3. Ash will clean real silver but remember if it has nice intricate details on it, over time the abrasiveness of ash can whittle that down so you can’t see the beautiful details. Use your silver daily to keep it clean. If it’s plated silver over time it will wear down the Silver and what’s underneath will show permanently.

  4. Great wood ash tips! Was bitten by a brown recluse spider a decade ago. Luckily at work a former medic knew why my leg was swollen and told me to get to the doc right then and there. I now know the signs of poisoning and would recommend everyone have a kit like this. It’s also good for food poisoning. Know and practice the kit instructions on bites before one has to use it! I had activated charcoal and didn’t think to use it.

  5. I’m no doctor so disregard this info as nonsense, trimedicated ointment applied to the blister from a recluse bite then apply aloe Vera gel liberally to chase the trimedic stuff in. I have used this many times

  6. Dampen a hole or divet in your gravel driveway, pour in wood ash, then tamp down. Dampen again when finished; don’t inundate. It will harden into a serviceable patch until you can get replacement gravel or crush-run.

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