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Half Of CAR Dealers Are QUITTING!

Almost half of Buick and Ford dealers are calling it quits in the EV market and the reason is simple. They can’t make any money.


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  1. OK I get this they didn’t force us to get rid of our horses to get cars but you really can’t have horses either because they poop just like cows.
    we have that climate …. thing that we’re dealing with you. You see- how ironic is this! Can’t use gas engines we can’t use things that poop because of carbon admissions. I guess we’re gonna have to hand our own grass, right?
    We hay our property we’re screwed

  2. I owned a gas lawnmower for over 20 years still could have used it if i wanted, to just take it to the local lawnmower guy!

  3. Having problems with the EGO blower batterys and maybe it is the blower itself. Ready to get a good gasoline powered blower

  4. I bought a reel mower for my son to use when he was younger, and I ended up liking it so much I dont even bother with my gas mower anymore. Still bullshit they are trying to fuck people over.

  5. I love your logic for the food/gold exchange hahah.

    Try buying anything today with gold not from a private seller. Good luck.

  6. BE AWARE! If you decide to transverse, travel on the Navajo Nation, and you’ll NEVER find an EV Pump. That is a 4 hours stretch from North to South and East to West . The reason is that about 40% of households DO NOT have electricity!

  7. We have had our cheap 14″ Ryobi battery operated chainsaw since summer of 2018 and it’s still going strong. I mainly use it for overlanding and camping. That said I am not on board with EV’s, I have a 31 year old Toyota Land Crusier that I daily drive for work.

  8. I use a gas powered electric mower. When did push mowers use gas engines? I thought that they have been electric with gas generators?

  9. I also heard I don’t know if it’s on the news or the interweb. That GM may ask for another bailout over these electric vehicles.

  10. I have a friend who just got one a few months ago. I told her about the problem with getting in high water and EV’s catching fire. She had never heard that. I am sure there is a list as long as her arm of things that can go wrong with these pieces of garbage. She sooooo proud of that car, though!

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