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5 Ways HOMESTEADING Sets You Free!

Lets go through the top five ways homesteading sets you free.

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  1. The other day we were cleaning out the chicken coop and my 8 year old son say, “it’s a lot of work living out here but I’m glad we do.” It made me happy to hear him say that.

  2. One difference between city life and homesteading life; when you hear a gunshot in the city the cops are called. When you live in a rural/homesteading area that means one less predator that is after your animals. Oh, and I have a bbq/smoker but have plans to build a smokehouse soon.

  3. So try making home made carmel in a presure cooker from condensed milk. Make sure you are 300 feet away from your house and dont blow up. Lol

  4. Great Content!!
    Keep it coming for those of us still trying to make our way out of the city!!
    (I liked the video and noticed it was #666 so nah… I had to unlike it quick!! LOL )) shalom

  5. Yep, I know what ASSUME makes.

    I also hate cities, being in them and driving through them. I’d much rather be in the back woods.

  6. The city for me is Batesville or Searcy. Both are too large for my liking, yet not enough options for when we “need” something. I did just discover the health food store in Searcy. I disagree. My goats are much easier to manage than my sheep…at least when it comes to trying to care for them. My sheep are crazy! Absolutely impossible to catch. LOL

    Have you heard of Epic Gardening? What that guy has done to his small plot of land/property is amazing!

  7. We have 25 acres and live 55km from the nearest city and 500km from the state capital, Brisbane. Went there a few weeks ago for a weekend (got given tickets to a show with accom) After day 1, I wanted to go home, by day 3 it felt like I was becoming mentally unwell! I cannot understand how people can live there, let alone afford it!

  8. Show more rebel canning outdoor on the open fire I know one day we may not have the electricity to can on an electric stove

  9. I recently (2 years ago) I bought a 9 acre property with a 100year old house in Virginia. It’s a very romantic idea and something I’d been wanting to do forever. I must say with this freedom you talk about there is also dozens different traps. With chickens, I had one point spent $1,200 for 4 eggs (lol) but things do level out with costs. But I also have predators, avian diseases, rats in the chicken coop, chickens just dropping dead for no recognizable reason. I had got a dozen baby turkeys from a so called repatriable company (they all dropped dead within a few days. and I know you’re probably thinking “ya well you fucked somewhere” ) I don’t think so because they showed up with 6 of them dead already. Start up costs are intense and somewhat of a gamble. As far as the garden goes, I’m doing little things every year, 1st year I started a cut flower garden, Now I moved on to some easy veggies, tomatoes, peppers, herbs. I think I’m just saying the freedom of owning and producing you own food isn’t necessarily freedom or at least at first. Its a bit of an anxiety ridden gamble. I look forward to seeing and commenting on more of your videos

  10. Yes I have a Karen as well.
    Anytime I do something they are out on there atv looking at me trying to regulate.

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