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Chicken FEET Stock And The Throne Of LIES!

Why throw out the fat? Why peel the skin off the feet when every Asian recipe keeps it on? Don’t waste time with these things! Make your chicken stock faster with no fuss!


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  1. Chicken stock for me goes 30 hours typically. My Turkey carcass stock I baked last week went from Friday evening to Tuesday evening in a 16 quart pot. I ended up with 7 quarts of deep rich I call broth. I add nothing but has intense flavor

  2. In Indonesia, chicken feet is a main dish, skin and claws attached… grosses me out, lol, but I can see it working for a stock / broth 🙂 My grandmother would eat cow tongue, and liver!

  3. Stock – the bones, meat, skin and innards of the animal. Roast them if you want darker stock. Broth – stock that is thinned out with extras. If you want gelatin then use those hearts and gizzards and necks. Too much nonsense on what you call stuff anyway. Does it taste good? Then you are good to go and the fat on top adds another seal against the air, but schmaltz is great too.

  4. I made turkey broth, i used roasted bones, skin, vegs and spices. I didnt scrape meat and first time im canning broth

  5. After a dunk in the hot water and a spin in the plucker, the feet are pretty clean and a lot of the skin is already removed. The stock pot is almost always going this time of year for the whole carcass once I remove as much meat as I can. Sometimes there are veggies or veggie skins to add but sometimes it’s just peppercorns, salt and a little poultry seasoning. Simmers all day, sometimes cooling it overnight for soup the next day or it goes in mason jars for the week’s stock/broth needs. Always very gelatinous once cooled and tastes amazing so I must be doing something right.

  6. I canned some turkey and tried, For jars lids, Denali lids and Ball lids. I am doing the broth tomorrow, I did put the jars in the fridge to skim off the fat. But this is the first time I have canned turkey and broth. Glad you spoke on this topic!

  7. My grandmother was Chocktaw she never drained the oil, and she never took the skin or nails off the feet, neither do I. I processed 11 duck’s last month and processed chickens the week before. Even my ducks I didn’t do that. I don’t even have one of those fancy plucker machine. It took me over 12 hours with the ducks. I save the hearts, livers and kidneys. People are crazy. -Sharron from Tennessee.

  8. I don’t remove the fat.
    I call it interchangeably stock or broth because I usually use meat with bones and celery, onions and carrots.
    I have done it on the woodstove last winter and spring.

  9. Zach, now you got me questioning the truth.
    I’ve read stock is made from boiling bones and or other ingredients 8 to 24 hrs, and broth is boiled 24-48 hours which is why broth is healthier – because is able to pull out deeper nutrients farther within the bone marrow.

  10. My bone broth is usually made from everyone’s Thanksgiving turkey carcuses. I always buy chicken feet for this. Makes the broth much richer

  11. I have used harvest lids 2 years and still sealed- they are reusable lids. I have for jars but have not used them yet, because my Amazon lids are still holding strong.

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