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How To Kill A Bazillion Squirrels (Probably Illegal)

Have you ever been attacked by a never ending legion of squirrels? Has your garden, fruit or nut trees been casualties of this furry menace? Today, I’m going to give you a sure fire way to even the odds. You set the traps and walk away and come back 1-2 hours later to clean up the mess. Set them again and repeat.


110 Conibear Traps (Qty 5)
3 inch screws or nails
6 foot 2×4

Helpful hint: the use of bird seed in the area will help them come along quicker. And if all else fails, smear peanut butter on the triggers of the 110 conibear.

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Comment (18)

  1. studies show squirrels love 45 degree angles, 2014 telephone survey done in one of the largest squirrel communities in Patagonia showed that 93% of squirrels surveyed admitted “yes” they love 45 degree angles, 86% of squirrels surveyed said that 45 degree was actually their favorite angle compared to next favorite angle which is 60 degree. squirrels were asked why they favored 45 degree angles and the responses were because at 45 it gives them the optimal angle while running at the same time giving them altitude which is important when fleeing from dogs since, as one squirrel was quoted “dogs are stupid they cannot even climb trees”.

  2. 410 sounds like a better option to me cause would be eating if killing them. Fried squirrel. My grandfather used to love the heads. Ewwww

  3. Squirrels are mainly responsable for the propagation of trees and are in no way a “menace” you god damn piece of dirt, I hope you get yours dumbass.

  4. Needs something like this in the U.K to eradicate the Grey squirrels and give our reds a much needed helping hand. The Greys carry a pox which is lethal to our native population.

  5. I set up my squirrel pole and kill about 2 per day for a month, now dropping down to about 1 every 2 days but works great. Your positioning of the screws is all off though. You need 4 screws for each trap, set about 1/4 apart between 2 up, and 2 down, space horizontally about 2 inches. Make sure trap is on the outsides of the screws. Very secure and moves freely. Set screw straight perpendicular to the board, and hold up about half an inch. Our squirrels were chewing the wiring in our cars, costed us a lot of money to repair. Thanks for your video.

  6. Im gonna try this. I have squirrels chewing up my car wiring and car fuel lines. Why do the chew through fuel lines on cars ? I have no clue.

  7. I am sick of squirrels…. The red squirrels don’t seem to do too much damage, but we have hundreds of black squirrels in our subdivision. They are very aggressive and tear everything up ….get into your car wires ….they eat up any bulbs that you put in your garden. I’m fed up with them I want them dead…. I have a live trap and I use it and I drown these little bastards …..people keep feeding them …they don’t realize the damage they do …squirrels can have two litters a year …usually 2 to 3 kittens than those kittens can have within six months.it’s overwhelming

  8. Doesn’t seem to kill the squirrels. More like traps them and let’s then suffer until you deal with it.

  9. Don’t ya just love it when half a DIY video is someone waving their hands around first. I suppose it’s purpose is to get our attention……………NEXT video.

  10. The Eastern gray squirrel in an invasive species. They cause millons of dollars of damages to buildings every year. They are rodents! They can crew through an attic vent in 1 minute. I have a Gamo pellet gun, with a 32/40 scope. It shoots a pellet at 1300 feet per second. 2 months ago,1 squirrel, now there are 3. Soon they will be breeding. Last year, female crewed a hole in the 3rd flood facia board. This is 22 feet off the ground. Time to start nailing there asses again!

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