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Absolute Proof That Neem Oil Works!

This Garden experiment with our cabbage patch proves without a shadow of a doubt that Neem Oil and Dr. Bronners Sal Suds works to keep insects and garden pests from destroying your plants.

I’m not a paid spokesman for this product. They have not paid me any money to endorse them. I’m just showing you what works after 3 years of use, my results are conclusive that Neem Oil and Sal Suds work great together at keeping garden pests at bay.

But what happens if you could no longer purchase Neem oil? Are Cabbages and most brassicas plants indigenous to the area in which you live? Let’s explore the options of growing what works well in your area to begin with.

1 Gallon spray container from any garden store or Chinamart.
2 Tablespoons of Neem Oil
2 Tablespoons of Sal Suds
Fill with water and Shake Well
Apply in the early morning or evening. Never apply in direct sun. Always apply after each rain storm!

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Comment (18)

  1. Cold Pressed Neem Oil does indeed work. I am not a paid sponsor either… I just happen to have a cucumber beetle problem this year in my veggie garden. I happen to favor squashes and melons – And it turns out that cucumber beetles do too! Plus, there was a lot of late rain this year (California) and so (I think at least) that this is why I currently am faced with about 10 times as many cucumber beetles as last year.
    In any case, I tried the Neem Oil Extract, and just like so many other people have said – IT”S GARBAGE. You have to buy “Cold Pressed” Neem Oil (not extracted Neem Oil). And I just happened to try the DYNA GRO brand (after the Neem Oil Extract from Home Depot did nothing!). Neem Oil Extract is a scam. The manufacturer’s strip away the natural active ingredients in the Neem Oil and then sell you the junk oil that remains – They just label it “Neem Oil Extract.” It would not surprise me in the least if the junk oil is manufactured in CHINA – After they utilize the active ingredients that they stripped away for some other products, and then laugh and sell the junk oil to the round eye – Just like all the other garbage they export to the USA.
    After 2 weeks of getting nowhere and watching the beetles severely damage my veggies and melons, I tried in desperation the real Neem Oil…COLD PRESSED with NOTHING save particulates from the pressing process filtered out…Dyna-Gro worked within a few hours where the Neem Oil Extract (junk oil) did NOTHING. Don’t waste your money if the bottles says, “Neem Oil Extract.” Buy the kind that says – 100% COLD PRESSED Neem Oil… It’s been a week, and there are NO CUCUMBER BEETLES on my plants.

  2. Neem works by fucking with a bugs hormones which makes it “forget” to eat and breed. If it does breed the offspring are born fucked up and die in larval phase. This means that as you use it yearly you will decrease pest populations in your area.

  3. I grow my cabbages under a sheet of tulle fabric without any pest damage. You should give it a try. Tulle fabric is very inexpensive and is reusable from year to year.

  4. Ma I wish I could post pics on your comments on your videos of what your talking about. Right on man

  5. I need to try the neem oil. Soooo tired of losing my collards and kale, and all squashes to the bugs. My mom told me that powdered tobacco is a good bug deterrent/pesticide. What about growing your own tobacco to dry and powder if things are not available for purchase?

  6. Zack can i use Dawn Soap with the Neem Oil instead of the Sal suds???? Learning wanted your Opinion!

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