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The Cost Of Operating An Illegal Wood Stove

Wood stoves are more often becoming illegal in America. If you are blessed to live in an area where the local politicians and bureaucrats haven’t regulated you into the nanny state, maybe you can still heat your home with this AMAZING ancient technology called fire.

What does a “GOOD” stove cost? Expect to pay at least $1000 for an efficient wood stove from a good manufacturer.

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Comment (17)

  1. I hear you but we definitely would not want condo owners with wood burning stoves. The dude upstairs set the building on fire when he was just smoking weed. Fire department caused water damage to hallways & inside walls on 3rd & 2nd floor units. So I would agree that PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE WOOD BURNING STOVES/HEATERS in condos townhomes or apartment buildings. Single family homes are fine because damage will at least be contained somewhat. Plus many people party with alcohol get drunk or pass out. Then what?

  2. I live in ny one of the most regulated states and was also in mass. Both you can still have wood stoves you just have to follow code on installing

  3. Rules by the RICH to make the non rich have to BUY THEIR energy sources to make THEM RICHER . And Politicians are in bed with them.

  4. Bought a new 1985 Ashley steel stove. Works extremely well and still looks newish! Got to 15 below 4 nites in a row and it was still cozy throughout my house. Wood heat is the best!

  5. Mine (heatalater) cost me $1800.00 includind stack.
    I installed it myself.
    Follow manufacturer directions completley and you’ll have no problem.
    Im lucky I harvest on my property so only cost is my sweat.
    Stay warm my friends.

  6. I have dominion over the earth therefore it is not possible to have an illegal stove lol! These people are demon possessed or are straight demons ! Momma said it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission !

  7. As a worst case estimate, that is about $12.50 per moth just for heating over 2 year. A Ridiculously low price for 2 home if you don’t include the added benefited of cooking and heating water!

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