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WOKE Curriculum INFILTRATING Homeschool Conferences!

Just be aware that all the curriculum that you may find at homeschool conferences may not align with your value system that you have for your family.


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  1. After 20 years of homeschooling, I am so happy to continue to teach my child the word of God and not teach wokeness.

  2. Not just curriculums. Years ago my husband bought a “study” bible for our granddaughter. I was looking at it before we gave it to her and we ended up taking it back. It was supposedly written for girls, but the study notes were far from biblical. IF I were to start again with homeschooling I would use nothing but old school books…ie McGuffey readers etc.
    It is not these open products that bother me as they are easy to identify. It is the ones with more subtle teachings throughout what looks like sound teachings.

  3. I live in an area where most homeschoolers are liberal or at best libertarian (freedom loving but non religious). It makes things quite interesting to say the least. In my mind it was mostly Christian’s or those of the Way that homeschooled. I’ve quickly found out that my family is very much at the minority in our local homeschool community.

  4. The production values of these videos just gets better and better.

    Great information sharing.

    And I laughed when you said homeschool might be arming their students.

    Great info. Thanks

  5. Great article and example of wickedness. End Times for sure.

    In as much as I do not believe it appropriate for the woke community to prey on and harass Christian homeschool-curriculum vendors, Christians should not be a negative example attacking Sodomites and vendors of sinful perversion. We will never change a sick “woke” mind. Only YAH can do that.

    I’m always reminded. “Many are called, few are chosen.” We don’t get to call out or choose anyone. That is on YAH so why bother trying through exposing their wicked ways? They won’t hear us. Better to pray for the wicked and protection for the innocent.

  6. I agree Nate. The man is the head of household with a codicil. He takes the opinions, wants and needs of the wife into consideration. Not a dictatorship. I worked along side my husband for over 50 years. It was a fabulous ride. Unfortunately he passed away recently. He was everything I could have ever wished for in a husband. One of the things he did, was treated me as his equal. We discussed everything and when we did not agree, we worked and problem solved to come up with a solution that was agreeable to both. Yes, there were times when he put his foot down and stated “No” and when he did I knew it was not negotiable. But this society today has the gender roles so messed up that women really do not know who or what they are. I have a young friend who is the sweetest young lady. But one day she is aligning with theff female gender and the next day a the male gender. She is so confused in whether she should be ok being female or because of everything taught in schools, she should be male. That confusion has lead her to have many bouts of manic depression. I am glad I was raised in an era that men were men and women were women and we knew our roles. That doesnt mean that I cannot do the things men do, within reason. We had a farm. I can run tractors, harvest, run chainsaws, build sheds, chicken coops etc. ButvI can also cook, bake, clean, raise children, can and preserve food. Raise the household garden to prepare healthy meals. I also worked outside tg home, AFTER, our children were grown. Yes, there is a place for women power and that power is where we can do the mist good, our families. I would trade anything to have my husband back and have things the way they were. I miss all the laughter and discussions. It was a lively household because of him. Every day was a new adventure filled with fun and laughter and hard work.

  7. I’m not saying all but most of the heavy duty church people that I haven’t met are the most hypocritical and hateful people I’ve ever met in my life

  8. Sadly We also need more good Christ led men instead of those wanting the woman to do and provide everything.

  9. We’ve not had a problem with woke curriculum at home BUT I’m now looking for a new church due to exposure at SUNDAY SCHOOL. It’s bad out there, folks.

  10. We were all told, repeatedly, that wokeism was infiltrating homeschooling; I have no sympathy for those that let this happen. I do thank you for bringing it up yet again but i fear no one is listening.

  11. The reason we aren’t supposed to talk about Politics or Religion in “polite company” is because you may dare to ask questions regarding what you have been told and you may start doing some homework on your own..
    Re “like a lead balloon.” Mythbusters proved that a lead balloon CAN fly..
    I agree with you that you need to teach children about the real world instead of how we wish it was.

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