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The Only Cheese Recipe You’ll Ever Need – Raw Milk

Cheese making is now a big thing around the homestead. We take farm raised raw milk and in 30 minutes make delicious mozzarella cheese. Its a very simple process and anyone can do it.

Happy cheese making!

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  1. I love when YouTube recommended your videos, and I get to see Jamie. I miss her endearing voice and smile.

  2. In a recent video Zac said “late wife” and I thought, oh no… and finally get to see her in this wonderful video. I was also happy to see Zac’s new partner in a recent vid who will carry on being a good mother to this family. We lost my husband’s sister early last year and are raising her teenage son. While no one can ever replace those lost, I’m glad we can be parents to him and guide him on his way, and heal with him from that loss. It’s not easy… but I also feel so grateful to get to be involved in his life. Making the best of the worst situation. Many blessings ♥️

  3. I find myself in good company. I too just watched this video and had to subscribe because of this beautiful lady!! I enjoyed learning how to make cheese and subscribed immediately to this channel, and like others, began to read the comments. What a heartbreak that she apparently has passed away! Just meeting her this way, feeling such a kindred spirit and looking forward to listening and watching her other videos, but now with a heavy heart. God’s blessings on the family. Truly you have lost a lovely lady. Thank you for keeping these posts up for others to watch and find this kind soul. God’s blessings on all.

  4. Thank you for leaving this up. It’s become a tradition on our homestead when we make cheese to put this video on. No matter how many times I have done it, I still watch your beautiful wife show me how to make mozzarella

  5. You can also give your whey to dogs, cats, pigs and poultry. They love it and it’s good for them!

  6. If raw cheese is desired, skip the hot bath… Short-Time (HSTS) pasteurization: requires that the milk be held at a minimum of 161°F for 15 seconds.

  7. First time watcher, and love your attitude and fun with making this cheese. I have subscribed because I want so see more. Your Berkey filter had my jaw drop to the floor, hubby Ed saw me and ran over to see what I was looking at. He saw the Berkey and wow. In California we are not allowed to purchase that lovely mother ship. We can only have the much smaller filter approved by our Governor. Still a Berkey is a wonderful, easy to use, filter for us.

  8. Thank you so much for the information & inspiring video! New to cheese making myself, this is great!

  9. Is that 100 degrees celcius or farenheight which no one outside of uk and USA understands …

  10. Why throw away whey? Use it to make ricotta or give to plants, animals, etc?

  11. So I have wasted 4 gallons of our raw milk, trying to make mozz cheese! HOWEVER, now that I found your video and watched it I believe your technique and process is the one I was missing and all the other recipes I was trying. I cannot wait to try this! Most the other videos/recipes i tried did NOT incorporate the hot water bath process!!! I truly believe that this is what my cheese was missing all the other three times I tried. All three times my cheese resulted in rubbery hard cheese! Although it wasn’t really wasted because my chickens enjoyed it, AND I gained knowledge each time I attempted it! Like you pointed out, we have to be willing to fail!! But not to give up! This is what happened when I first embarked on making my own homemade breads, especially sourdough breads. The first few batches of sourdough failed but now I can thankfully report that I make a mean sourdough loaf and love every moment of it! Thank you for your videos & channel! Thank you for allowing us into your kitchen and thank you that you’re willing to share your knowledge and secrets! May the Lord bless you!

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