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Off Grid Living: Growing Strawberries – Gutters!

We are busy this year already harvesting our spring strawberries. We have tried growing strawberries out in our garden with all kinds of problems. Putting our plants in gutters up off the ground has been a pleasant experience.


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Comment (17)

  1. Is there a specific caliber of handgun you need to grow strawberries? If you only have a revolver will that also work, or should I buy a gloc?

  2. How do you deal with pollination being in a greenhouse and cut off from insects and things How do bees get in to pollinate

  3. This video makes me so happy that i dont have to carry a gun while i am busy with my strawberries.

  4. came for strawberry information and sees chap with a gun holsterd on his waist.

    such an odd thing to see.

  5. Saw this on another channel and they were very happy. We are in northern Ontario and this system allows us to grow strawberries inside and is worth the effort. Love your channel Zach. Keep up the great videos. God bless you!

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