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Homeschools BOOM After Pandemic – Officials Worried

Yahoo news article gives the run down on the rise in homeschool activity and the need for future oversight and protections! Get a load of this garbage!


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  1. The creative, smart, unbiased teachers saw Marxism coming about 20 years ago…and got out or trained in other careers, or found tutoring families, etc… I’m one of them…

  2. Last year was the first year we homeschooled our son. It was more of an online school. Still had issues. Now we are truly homeschooling him in his senior year using Abeka. Much better program and not forcing him to take indoctrinating courses to prep him for college when he won’t be going to college. He wants to learn mechanics. So, he may eventually go to a tech school but definitely not college. We just swapped the rear differential on my Grand Cherokee. He is learning hands on mechanics. Not to mention construction skills as we recently built a carport. We are also starting our own homestead so he will have those skills as well.

  3. Another reason that children that have been home schooled do well with studies is because they have dedicated parents. The importance safe and loving home cannot be overstated. Two of our three children graduated with a home schooled education, the youngest attends a private school. The public school system is for indoctrination and to keep the teachers union happy.

  4. Nobody should be intimated to homeschool their children. Both of us worked for years in the public school system we had the opportunity to see from elementary to college level. Our eyes were opened and we no longer participate in the indoctrination centers.
    Teach your children to read and teach them to love reading and think critically for themselves teach them to use their grey matter.
    Teach them math. Teach them how to count money back (make change)
    Give them chores and responsibilities.
    Teach them how to use the smart end of a tape measure and they are more advanced then anything coming out of the indoctrination centers.

  5. The language in this article is so telling. The author probably isn’t even aware.
    Author: We need to create laws to provide more freedom to the parents.

    Don’t accept any government funding for homeschooling as tempting as it may be. There are always strings attached to the government cheese.

    I apologize to my children regularly for sending them to public school. My twins are in 10th grade and it’s too late for me to change it but we do what we can at home. It’s truly one of my biggest regrets. I’ve told my children that if they live near me I will gladly help homeschool the grandkids if they have them.

  6. A friend and 4th grade teacher in Louisiana shared with me that she was forced to pass her whole class (a public school) even though none of them could read. They came into 4th grade like that. This is what they want, dumbed down and non thinkers who will be easily controlled and kept in slavery and poverty. I homeschooled all 5 of my children and taught them to read well early. All grown, still teaching younger 2. I’m college educated, (really a joke), and they are much smarter than me now. They know more than I ever knew, can do more than I could at their ages, and can get along in a conversation with any age group. Most importantly, they have good character. Trust worthy , responsible, diligent and quick learners. I feel so bad for all the children that get lost in the cracks of public school education. Even the good teachers can’t get to them all. If it WAS really about the children, they would be glad parents are taking responsibility for their children instead of dumping on the already over stressed, over worked teachers. Then the students who don’t have parents involved could have more one on one. Only good teachers though, not socialistic, mind control change agents.

  7. My Son and Daughter are recent homeschool graduates and are lacking in so many subjects important in the modern world. They don’t know a single tiktok dance, lack extensive hands on bullying experience from both peers and authority figures, and only know of 2 genders.

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