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BEEF Prices NOW At RECORD HIGHS! – It’s Going To Get Worse!

Beef prices are at record highs and it’s going to get worse. But there is more to this story than what is being reported. What are you seeing in your area?


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  1. This is the first year not visiting Safe Haven/ Growing In Torah so I haven’t heard this year’s report. About a decade ago we were in a pretty big drought (a common occurrence in California) so to cut costs on the few bulls, sheep and chickens they were zoned for (hair short of 10 acres) they bought an old set of freight cargo trailers, one refrigerated and two regular. They used the two as a micro greens lab to grow barley grass to supplement the hay feed. The old refrigerator to store the slaughtered produce. Seeing that they are connected to the grid off the beaten back side areas of East Visalia, not sure if it would work for your situation. Definitely look into building a micro greens lab

  2. Homesteads Can Sell Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Make your Own Jams, Milk, Eggs, Meat, Make Sausages From Beef, Kichen, Lamb, olives and Olive oil, Dried Fruit, jerky, There Lots of ways you can make Money From your Homestead. Thank you.

  3. Beef goes high I’ll switch to pork and chicken until the game playing ends. Another reason why I miss the 1960’s.

  4. Have you checked into fodder for your annuals.?..GOD BLESS.
    PS : ( They’ve got hay in CHRISTMAS VALLEY OREGON .)

  5. As little as 15c per kilo here in Central Queensland Australia…. which is the beef capital of the country

  6. We’re in a whole lot deeper than the trillions, Zach. Search “global derivatives debt”. It was $4 quadrillion, last I checked, over a decade ago, and it’s only gotten worse. Whom do you believe is on the hook for that? The 3rd world? Heck no. There are people, to this day, describing Africa as poor, but subsistence farmers who don’t have Big Brother breathing down their necks are some of the richest people in the world, despite having not a penny to their names. As a homesteader, I know that you’re able to appreciate the truth of that.

  7. It’s just one of the tactics they’ll use. They don’t want you to eat meat, they don’t want you to be mobile and drive, they don’t want you to own guns.
    They’ll just make them so expensive you can’t afford to do them. But they’ll still be able to.
    Pretty smart, really.

  8. You know I’m having some serious issues with overcharging from locals, as well. Here’s the story: Our compressor broke (waiting on a part) and we needed the fuel line blown out on our tractor… $220. We delivered, and picked up in our trailer. We replaced the carburetor, the valve and the controller and it wouldn’t turn over.. didn’t leave many other options than a fuel issue. No parts… no real “diagnostics” because everything was already replaced and the last thing it could have been was the fuel line. $220 to blow the line and they didn’t even drain or clean out the tank! I’ve bought 3 tractors from them in the last 22 years and I will never buy another thing from them or take another item to them (and we were in the market for a forester). Hard times shouldn’t mean you rip off your neighbors and we are seeing a lot of that in the service industry out here. Not so much from local farmers or ranchers or butchers…oddly… but estimates for landscape work, plumbing, small repairs, are 5 times what they were last year. I get that everyone is paying more for everything… but I’m not paying $1000/hr for a tractor mechanic to blow out a fuel line and tell me it’s “2 hours of diagnostic work” when there’s all brand new parts from the key to the carburetor and you told him exactly what needed done. Liars and cheats…. not all local business is good or worthy of your loyalty.

  9. Nov 4th pricing at our local livestock market here in Tn.
    Lambs 40 to 60 lb. Choice. 1.85 to 2.10 lb, hair ewes/buck. .85
    Goats 50 to 60 lb choice 2.45 to 2.60 lb., Billy 1.60 nanny 1.15

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