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Reloading, Hand Tools And Other HOMESTEAD Q/A

Answering my patron questions about homesteading.

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  1. Very few preppers have common sense, that’s why they are still hoarding. I got a book of shet I have to do as well, but I only focus on one project at a time with the little time I got.

  2. I’ve been meaning to ask a question.
    What happened to Grandma’s garage? It looks like she had a fire. I’ve been wondering about this for months now.

  3. Zach, you say it all the time “I never promote anything I wouldn’t use myself on the homestead” and that’s all I need. We’ve been following you since…well, before you were even over 5k subs. I got into reloading myself and I will say I agree with everything you said on this video, at one time it was much cheaper than buying ammo itself and that’s where we stocked up on it. But now it’s 50-50, so the pew pew batteries took priority, but it is nice that I do have the extra supplies for in case I do need to reload on that off chance. Nothing you said should even trigger the flaming haha. Because it is a LOGICAL way to look at the situation, your best bet would be to get into fletching, because…well making an arrow is easier than the process of the chemical composition of gunpowder.

  4. I literally run all day to get as much done as possible. Can’t wait for winter so things can slow down. Or … Will it?

  5. I need to find that video. My dad was a cobbler and I have his old machine with the foot peddle. I haven’t put it together as I had to move a couple of times and need to figure out how and clean it up. Also need to figure out what needles I need for it. He used to use it to repair handbags, leather jackets and such at his shop. I helped with some of that when I was young when I went to work with him in the summer.

  6. If you train you better reload. I won’t be running out of anything for quite sometime. You prep ammo same as food. Before you know it you have 50k cases. Reloading is 50% cheaper than store bought if you actually planned ahead. If I was starting today I’d only load pistol. Buy rifle.

  7. We have reloaded before; We also buy ammo. It’s ok to do both,until you can’t , right?
    Singer treadle sewing machines: around here and what I’ve seen on eBay, craigslist, etc. the prices I’ve seen for a Working machine and)or a Working treadle table, is No less than 1,000. I’ve wanted one for several years. Did you buy your machine and table separate? Did you find them working but need repair? Or broken and need fixed??
    Chickens: we have found the same thing. They always want to begin foraging at dawn, but it’s A Lot safer around lunchtime, and out up right at dusk or early dark.
    Thank you for posting these answers over here.

  8. Question: Lehman’s has stopped carrying Dietz lanterns. Do you have a second fave that works as, or almost as, well?? We need to move to ” other” lighting because LED’s ignite my head into horrible migraines.

  9. Your argument is flawed I can use the same argument about gardening Vs just stock up and avoid all the equipment needed to raise sheep,chiken,cattle,quail, turkey,goats and gardening tools ,I WILL JUST STOCK UP BROTHER RETHINK WHAT YOU SAID WHEN YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT. STUPID SHOULD HURT.

  10. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to build your own ammo. I shoot long range. Too old to shoot close. I’m an old veteran. To fine tune a round to make my rifle sound like a Stradivarius is a skill. When you can’t buy I’m like the guy pouring the lead into the mold to make musket ball. Stupid Hurts

  11. What’s your experience with reloading? If you have no experience with reloading how can you have opinion

  12. Been reloading for 25 yrs , it was worth it then , not now . I only do it now for a couple of precision rifles.
    Components disappeared during covid . If you did find stuff it was for an outrageous price. Components have come back recently except for primers which are ridiculous prices. I just buy ammo now and keep my components as plan B.
    If you were just now thinking about getting into reloading you are a day late a dollar short . Mazel tov trying to get started now …….its too late in the game in my opinion!

  13. Been reloading for 30 years and I still buy ammo. I agree with your basic premise that buying ammo or food is being a better steward with your funds.

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