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Wood Stove Fires On Your Homestead – Be Prepared!

Every year we hear about fires in the home caused by wood stoves. You love your wood stove but they need to be maintained! Do the things!

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  1. And in addition to raising taxes, we need to tell you how to build your homes, and pay us more to do that too

  2. I clean my chimney, yearly and always find there is very little creosote in there even though I burn 2 to 3 cords a year. Sometimes I’m tempted to let it go for two years but I do it anyway.

  3. We are currently rebuilding our home from a fire last year. We redesigned our home for better fire escape. Grandma has an exterior door on her bedroom and all bedrooms have one crank out with no screen. Ladders below windows. We took out walls and hallways, changed location of front door, etc. I really want to add those fire bombs. The experience was very traumatic and I dragged grandma through the house with fire rolling above my head. Escape routes are very important. Practice blindfolded because it’s true that you wind be able to see anything from black smoke. Also keep go bags by your door. We lived out of ours for three days. So glad we had them.

  4. Lots of wildfires around in the southeast (it’s very dry) so fire prevention around your home and property also.

  5. If we want a society where women can choose to abort a child for any reason, if society wants things like assisted suicide, then I should be able to choose to put a wood burning stove in my house that emits fumes and dust that may shorten my life a little. How about we tell the government to stay out of our lives

  6. To keep the young people out of the war they need to know they don’t have to take the oath to defend the constitution because the constitution is a graven image which is which is a is idolatry if the father wanted us to have a constitution he could would gave it to Moses

  7. As a flight paramedic working in mid missouri I’ve worked with a fair amount with paid and volunteer fire services and if firefighter didn’t run medical call and help with medical call they would be out of the job, such as lifting grandma off the floor and providing basic first aid or cpr and a just a extra set of hands

    Fires in general are really rare and I’ve been told by many firefighter that especially in rural area that the house is always gonna be a loss and there just gonna contain the fire.

    But as far as preparation, I’m willing to bet that we’re more prepared to combat a intruder than house fire with a fire extinguisher

  8. Common sense preparedness has gone out the window. Survival isn’t taught anymore. This is what happens when people start depending on the government for all of their wants and needs. The old motto of “be prepared ” means nothing.

  9. What! In my volunteer department we educated CONSTANTLY!! As @thisismyrifle said we went to all businesses and taught employees how to use their fire extinguishers. At our cost of another extinguisher or 2 or dozen! We taught local boys clubs how to put fires out and what NOT TO DO!
    BTW..in a rural setting your house will be the basement before we get there. You are covered but many are not! Why not go to your dept. And help the dept. Train homesteaders how to! Doesn’t your department have a yearly fire day where all can come and kids ride the trucks etc.! This is when we take advantage to train our neighbors about fire, personal and vehicle safety and more.
    Take a step. We could have definitely used help like yours. Don’t just complain..take action. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and alert everyone.
    We have grass rigs that would help slow a fire before the full trucks would come. We always would ask our rural people if we could take a training Monday and drive up their roads, help them make them more passable and maybe even give them an education on home site safety.

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