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Preparing Your Garden For Spring

You can’t just sit around during fall and winter and expect that when spring gets here that your garden is going to be ready to go for planting. There are things you need to do to get the ground ready with lots of nutrients that the plants will love. Every year your plants remove nutrients from the soil, its important to put some back!


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  1. Hey Zach . Love your videos. you mentioned using rabbit manure on your garden. Being an unclean animal I take it that it is ok to do. I know it is supposed to make really good soil , but I didnt know that we could use it being it was from an unclean animal.

  2. Dr. Patrick Quillin was on The Truth About Cancer and said that he adds Epsom salt for magnesium sulfate for his fruit bearing trees. 1 handful of Epsom salt per 1 gallon of water 3 times a year and it boosts the immune system in the plants. He has his own YouTube channel, if you’re interested.

  3. when you say wood chips, what size or diameter do you get? twigs, smaller, or little bigger then saw dust?

  4. Love Back to Eden gardening! Having so much less work to do (like not tilling my hard clay soil) motivated me to triple y garden size. Great video!

  5. if there is snow on the ground is it too late to put compost, manure and woodchips? also, what about biennial plants like kale would you mow over the stems or just leave them be? thank for sharing you knowledge.

  6. Just to reenforce your position Re tilling. Each time you till you kill off many of the delicate microbe colonies trying to establish themselves in your soil. Tilling is the worst thing you can do for soil health. It was only ever started to make mass plantings in large fields easier and faster. There are always exceptions, yes. But once you’ve started enriching your soil never till. And leaving a field fallow can have the same effect – you are interrupting the natural cycle of microbial feeding/growth and will loose significant colony numbers. Suggestion: have you considered companion planting? It includes sacrificial and repellant plants. And sometimes the companions can be harvested for added benefit. Been very successful here. Thanks for all you share.

  7. Thank you for the information. I don’t have a big yard but you gave me an idea to plant several containers. Great job!!

  8. Do you add the manure layer overtop of the wood chip layer every fall, or do you rake aside the wood chip layer, then add the manure?

  9. My ground turns green 2-3 days after it rains. I broke out a plot from grass. I’ve Tilled, hoed, pulled weeds and the grass’ weeds have totally over grown the Potatoes, and the early things. I’m trying to figure out how to prepare the garden so that I can stay ahead of the grass’. I planted a second patch that has had bales of hay stacked on it for several years. It’s deep in mulch, and the weeds sprout after every rain. I stayed ahead of them with hoe and tiller until I had to have open heart surgery. the Pig weeds and cuckleburs over grew the whole patch shoulder high. I planned on trying to till all the stuff on top into the ground after everything dies off, after frost. It has produced a bunch of squash, popcorn, peppers, tomatoes. I had water melons growing all over the whole garden, but never saw a single melon set.. then all the vines just all died in July. My zucchini and yellow squash died off in July also. I’m thinking that your method would be good if I can get the weeds and grass seed killed or all sprouted and then tilled up. As it is, it is solid grass pretty much like it was before I spaded the plot up with a shovel winter/early spring. I don’t think I can just put on manure and wood chips. I don’t know how to kill the grass & weeds with out risking killing my garden plants. I moved to TN 12/18 so i’m new to this area.

  10. Hello my name is Deb I am fairly new to your channel I’ve been watching for about a month now. The one thing that I really enjoy is the fact that you go into detail not just what you do but why you do it a lot of people don’t understand the concept of why to do something other than they’ve been told to do it. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing it with us, as I would love to have my own Homestead in one day. And God knows I would need all the help I could get LOL take care God bless Deborah

  11. Wood chips might help keep the soil warmer, but have little nutritional value. The process of breaking down the chips will use some of the nitrogen from your manure.

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