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The Illegal FISHING Plant – Mullein

Mullein is a common plant that grows around the world. But in the United States, it is illegal to use it for fishing. Why? Because it works! Every state has on record laws that prevent you from using stunning chemicals either naturally derived or otherwise in fishing.


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  1. In NC, we grew up calling it rabbit tobacco. I heard older people claim they dried and smoked it in place of tobacco. Never tried it myself.

  2. You shoulda tried it with fishtank feeder fish before you spread this “information”. I couldnt get any part of this plant make fish come to the surface. I think it’s all B S. that just keeps getting repeated. I used huge amounts, ground seeds and pods in a blender, tried whole plants, every which way i could think of. none of it worked.

  3. Probably a mistake, but you said earlier that you did not think it harmed the fish. If I were starving I do believe I would use it for harvesting fish. Is it legal for first nation people to fish this way.

  4. Shaggy soldier is one of the hardest weeds to get rid of. I would rather have a useful plant like Queen Anne’s lace or mullein growing in the yard, also dropped some milkweed seeds. A lot of people kill native plants for being weedy and then something even worse takes over. Im trying to introduce new plants to compete with the shaggy soldier

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