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A Few Ways To DEFEND Your Garden

Gardens need to be defended against attacker of all sorts. Here are a few ways I defend my garden against pest pressures.

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  1. Hi Zac where can you purchase one of your outdoor showers? I was very nice meeting you at Travis’s meeting in February!! Thanks

  2. Just had frost this morning, wasn’t on tge weather AGENDA news peoples radar, lol, smh, tip plant peas , dry peas there good for u

  3. My best garden tip that I use on our Rocky Mtn Homestead is to grow everything in a type of greenhouse such as a poly tunnel, a regular greenhouse or a walipiini…It keeps a lot of the critters out and it protects your plants from a lot of the elements…Plants just grow and produce better in them…

    For voles and grasshoppers, I like to use the Tommy Cat sticky mouse traps…works great!

  4. Thank you for the information. It helps to know lots of Americans are homesteading!! Shalom

  5. string some fishing line along the perimeter of your garden at various heights. The deer freak out because they can feel it but can’t see it. I’d also make a criss cross of it above my head so that birds will get tangled and not try to land in the garden or attack my chickens.

  6. Use a mixture of cover crops, I recommend Green cover seed as a supplier, they have a cool smartmix calculator that is a huge help in making your own personal mixture for your soil goals.
    Nearly all plant diseases and most plant pests are a result of plants that are weak because of 1 or more mineral deficiencies in the soil or minerals that aren’t in the correct proportion because many minerals lock up the availability of certain other minerals. There’s a lab in the Netherlands that does sap analysis and gives the best and most detailed analysis of what is going on with your plants, it’s pricey though. Advancing Eco Agriculture is a great company that sells a line of products that helps correct the mineral imbalances in your plants and soil.

  7. “Increase the drag, increase the drag!!!”….wth Zach? ..I guess they got to you to….

    Jk jk

  8. I think you mentioned this before but you’re saying Baker Creek supported the….thing? I just wanna verify, I also don’t want to support companies that push the…. supplement.

  9. I also have one of those deer repellers. I also use a solar electric fence and deer repellent spray. Seems to work so far this year…..we will see.

  10. Garden TIP! Mycorrhizae Fungi! Establishes a symbiotic relationship with plants – plants feed the fungi carbs and the fungi feeds the plants minerals from the soil, rocks etc. Amazing stuff – I always sell my plants out at Farmer’s Market fast because they are so much larger and healthier than my competitors! Try it!

  11. Bunny poo is GOLD, yes and bunny pee is even better. Bunny pee diluted 20-1 is a great fertilizer and even better pest controller. Had tater bugs destroying my plants. Sprayed the bunny pee again diluted 20-1 and they were all gone the next day.

  12. Always grow more than you need as some may not make it be sure you have plenty you cane Always sell or give what you don’t need

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