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Car Dealers BEG BIDEN To STOP EV Mandates!

The mandates are KILLING the car industry and manufacturers are begging him to stop before they bankrupt themselves. The EV is dead!

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  1. here is my take on it
    If you want to buy an environmentally hazardous golf cart, you do that. Your money. Not my decision.
    IF you try to FORCE me to buy a golf cart, i need to activate your dental plan. It’s MY money, and i won’t be told how to spend it.

  2. i saw a ford F150 ELECTRC at work the other day charging up. I did not want to insult the client, so i calld him “miss” or “Ms.”
    This seemed right at the moment.
    it is ALSO right, in the long view.

  3. Zach, love your content. Can you do something on animal husbandry-specifically how to plan your meat sheep/goat herd? Looking for info on creating and sustaining a proper size herd consisting of the right animals.

    I’m on 5 acres, and trying to establish a small herd to have meat on the hoof as you’ve said before. I only have about an acre of pasture after ridding it of stickers. (You answered a question on that for me prior-thanks.). I have 3 quarter to a third of an acre pastures and shelter.

  4. Learn pressure canning meats/fish. Learn to make sauerkraut! Easy… shaved cabbage, kosher salt, tamp with a surplus 2×4 and it will release the water held in the cell structure. Double trash bags on top and fill with water sealing with your hand from the inside and let it perk over. Learn sausage making, salt curing, water bath canning. Everything. You can’t learn enough before tragedy strikes. Period!

  5. EV’s? No Way!! I’ve got my Old ’94 Ford F150 4X4. No fuel injection, no computers, no sensors, no tracking of my where-abouts. I can easily repair/replace anything on that ol’ girl by myself and that’s the way I like it… These newer vehicles have killed the ‘Shade-Tree Mechanic’.

  6. What if the powers that be are aware that Earth cannot supply enough of the materials need to manufacture EVs for all of us? What if they ultimately do not want all of us to have an EV? What if they ultimately want to eliminate gas vehicles completely and force all of us to rely only on state-run public EV transportation and state sanctioned private EV delivery services? “You will own nothing and be happy.”

  7. Kill switches in all new cars soon. . . All digital cars not far behind that(always online). . . Rabbit holes

  8. Not only unconstitutional, but racketeering to boot. Par these days with the guberment following a mafia or slave owners business model.

  9. I wouldn’t take one for free, who wants to have a car that can burst into flames at any minute, or have to babysit it for hours while it charges lol, cars for morons.

  10. The ecological damage done to mine the elements needed are way beyond any caused by oil and gas.
    Remember the”cash for clunkers” program? It was the way to make used parts unavailable..the EV program is similar.

  11. They want EVERYONE driving these POS, so they can shut it down WHENEVER they want, All new vehicles, EV or not are required to have “kill switches” so they can be disabled remotely.

  12. Wasn’t it as far back W Bush with the “cash for clunkers” program?
    Either way… this has been in the works for decades!
    Let’s spoil their plans every way we can!!
    Blessings Y’all ❣️❣️

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