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Pressure Canning Your Chickens

We needed to get some of our chicken put up in the pantry for the winter and so here we go! We have a bunch of chicken meat and chicken stock ready for the cold winter ahead. Who doesn’t love chicken noodle soup when its cold?

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Some of the 38 bottles of the  2014 vintage getting their lables today.

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Comment (20)

  1. jamie i miss all yas videos on utube.theyre giving grief to Appalachia homestead also.so dont feel bad bout leaving miss ya.

  2. I would love to see a video of your canning on an open fire for both boiling broth from bones and the actual cannning jars. Thanks, love your channel

  3. my favorite use for canned chicken is to make polenta with the stock in the jar, then simmer the meat with peppers and onions and a jar of crushed tomato. Palate the polenta and top with sauce and parm.

  4. Phew I’m so happy to know I don’t need to skim the fat off to can my broth. I think we need some of the healthy fats. Great video thank you so much. Blessings everyone from New Mexico

  5. I watched this some time ago, have since bought a canner. My canner says to put X number of jars in, which is enough to cover the bottom. I saw you folks stacking jars. I need information before I try it. The cans in the water would cook more, eh? The upper cans could be under cooked. Also, I made stock, and canned it–I forget–I think it said 15 pounds? My lids are very hard to remove. One jar, brand new, I removed the ring, turned it upside down, and struck it repeatedly in my palm, which relieves the pressure bit by bit. One time, the water hammer burst the side of the jar. I am thinking the manufacturer is ensuring it is not under boiled, so gives increased times.

  6. When I can chicken without the bone for thighs and such I just Debone them no cooking necessary it takes a little bit of know how and a sharp knife but it’s definitely not hard and most certainly do-able

  7. You guys know what the shelf life is for canned chicken stock? I’m asking due to the fat content.

  8. Amy jars get a form too. I use a little white vinegar in my water and that takes care of it.

  9. I’m sad i never got to meet Jamie. Her videos have meant so much to me over the last two years. Your’s too Zach. We miss New 2 Torah. We still feel “new”. But we want you to know how grateful we are and that we pray for you regularly.

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