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Joe Biden And Banning Weapons Of War!

Joey B. is concerned with high capacity magazines when HISTORY shows us that we have always strived

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  1. Finally got my AR cycling correctly. I had a missing set screw in the gas block that allowed the block to shift and under gas my weapon. Came that way new from the manufacturer. ( naughty naughty M0ri@rti Arms. ) but it’s all better now. Retightened the block and now it kicks tail.

  2. They gave the Taliban planes, tanks, guns, bombs, vehicles, oil & fuel drums, basically enough to start a war against a small country. Bet their border is more secure than ours.

  3. Great video Zach. Love when you mention the Bible. Sure miss your New2Torah videos. Hope at some point real soon, you will consider returning to creating content again. Your voice on Biblical topics is sorely missed.

  4. A guy said why do you need a 20-round magazine. I said there are 2 reasons you idiot. Cover fire and suppressive fire. He was one of the know-it-alls that hung in gun stores. he shut up and the people behind the counter were all smirking. USMC

  5. The removal of God from schools and the home has been the downfall of western society. Canada is even worse now.

  6. Mr Drug dealer/Pedophile is at it again. When is he ever going to quit. He got his son hooked on crack he’s a Mobster and loves kids that touch him. What more does America want? There you go people of America you got yourself a good role model and the world watching is laughing at us right now.

  7. How Custer was beaten: Soldiers had Breach loaders vs Indiginous folks had Henry Repeaters. (arrows, axes et al.)

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