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The Death Of The EV Musk TRUCK – It’s Falling Apart!

They have a LONG LONG way to go before we can get actual “WORKING” vehicles to go all electric.

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  1. Mayor of Boston says all new construction projects for the city can’t use fossil fuels. Image how that is going to go.

  2. I was an underground miner for 30yrs. We had battery powered equipment at every mine i worked at. Each piece of equipment had 3 sets of batteries to go with it. The pkan was, charge 8hrs, cool 8hrs and run the equipment. One battery never ran 8hrs, more like 6 if you were lucky.

  3. There won’t be enough infrastructure in the power grid to charge all the vehicles. They will be so expensive, that only the few rich will be able to afford to drive. No more cars for you, eat the bugs, live in the pods, take your vax and shut the hell up.

  4. JudithB In my opinion, if it cant haul hay, pull a trailer, or a sheet of plywood, it is useless to me. I will not buy one ever by choice. As a woman, 40 mins to charge late at night at some unknown place is highly dangerous. I dont go to town at night unless its an emergency even now I am very pleased with my 17 yr old Silverado, it does everything I need.

  5. Nice review on this truck . Thanks for the laugh.
    I was thinking of getting a ev bike but have you seen the videos of them sparkling the exploding then catch on fire . A fire you cannot put out with a extinguisher .
    Gotta laugh .

  6. Zach, I do maintenance and repair for a major power company here in the PNW. We have EV chargers here and they do not work MOST of the time. Communication is one of the main issues. Wifi cards are 2 or 3g so are down most of the time!!! If a major power company can’t keep the units working. Par for the course folks!! Welcome to Joe Biden’s Chimerica!!!!

  7. Spontaniously catching fire aside….
    The cars are heavy due to the batteries that need replacing every 5 years $$$. Heavy means not only will you wear out tires more frequently, but the ROADS will take a beating… y’all think they are bad now….
    I will keep my gas and diesel Thanks.

  8. Maybe they will climb in bed with China for resources. Try to run a small farm without a pick-up. Can an EV pull a stock trailer? I doubt it. Biden is trying to be a dictator like he accuses Trump. Of course this is all for my own good. When will Biden’s Air Force 1 be all electric? Everything he accuses Trump of He is doing himself. You Go Joe! Go some place else……… PLEASE!

  9. I’m sorry but the powers that are forcing us to go ev need to get their head examined. .For years we have been told that we don’t have the infrastructure to accumulate the amount of vehicles on the roads now. You have Texas with an electric power outage in which people have lost their lives, In California you have rolling blackouts because they don’t have the power. They SAY IT’s’ BECAUSE of the pollution but we had a good handle on that but our ahole preident put us back in the accord where China and other countries refuse to go cleaner.

  10. I have been waiting 3 1/2 years for my solar panels which only put out 3.3 kw. That is a $60.00 savings and I have to pay $60.00 a month finance charge. to help me on my electric bills and the electric co could put the energy back into the grid. For the life of me, I can’t see how this helps

  11. There are a couple of things wrong with this mandate. 1. We can’t even supply the energy needs we have now. 2. The total energy and pollution of the average life cycle of ev’s is greater than fossil fuel powered vehicles. Climate change is real but the tiny percentage of carbon release gained in this electic dystopia will not stop the earth/sun cycle we are currently experiencing. They keep saying it’s the hottest on record which may be true but how long have records been kept? Accurate worldwide temperature records can’t be more than a couple of hundred years old. Ice cores and tree rings prove that it has been much hotter and colder in a continuous repeating cycle for millennium. They know this and are purposely spreading disinformation. A recent article by an acclaimed scientist spoke of how the egghead community is purposely leaving out any alternative findings that disagree with the “narrative”. They want their grants. We are in trouble, and no one is coming to help. Prep harder. Blessings.

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