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The Government WANTS Your Garden Registered!

This is part of a United Nations initiative to better “manage” the food supply with a “High Level Task Force”. https://research.un.org/en/foodsecurity/key-un-bodies
So be sure to register your garden!

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Comment (17)

  1. It’s that last question that gives them control. If it doesn’t meet Federal regulations they shut you down.

  2. Nah it’s because they can’t put the jab in yourself. It’s time to stand up now or never. They trying to control us.

  3. They want to know so they can destroy it and keep you dependent. Climate change. Whatever. It’s called Bill Gates. Today in Indiana they’re saying that it’s hazy and overcast because of the fires in Canada. Today isn’t any different than any other day. We haven’t had a sunny day in the last 23 years. If it is sunny, here come the chemtrails.

  4. They are also taking what you buy for your garden. They are using your favorite shopping spots through rewards points. They offer more reward points for the main things they want to track. At the moment garden and drugs

  5. If they were so worried about climate change they’d stop using solar panels and black roads black attracts heat earth wasn’t meant to have dark colors.

  6. Hell, no!!! Just another way to see what you are doing or growing. Gardening has nothing to do with Climate Change, what a dumb excuse. If I put a garden on my property, it is my property, not governmenr property. People, if you register, than you are giving your rights away. The government has no right to step on your property, even when you did not register. This is illegal and is socialistic.

  7. The dumb keeps getting dumber. Read an article on the process before you uninformed, conspiracy lovers spread flat out lies about it because ‘you think it’s a certain way’. Morons…the person in the video and those like him are what’s wrong with this country.

  8. When the world found out about the high elites sex trafficking bill gates, Jeffrey Epstein etc then all of a sudden we start to see the Government step in & talk crab of controlling ppl.

    They got caught & now they want to rid those that know the truth.

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