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Here are 10 clear examples and reasons of why this county is falling apart. Take this seriously.

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  1. See the Genesis Gold Group Website or Call Direct (800) 200-4653

    Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

    1. We have to take the GOV. control of the economy away from them. Gain control of the economy and the peoples businesses you gain control over the people.

  2. Christianity Today has always been apostate as far as I can remember. That says alot as to why we are here.

  3. Family of three here and our weekly grocery bill averages $450. We buy very little processed food. We cook our meals daily. We have limited our dining out to once a week. Freaking sad!!!

  4. Know your enemy – recon your local 3-letter agencies; who works there, what car they drive, where they live and their family members.

  5. Thank you Zach! Not sure if you will see this comment as it is 3 days after your post, but possibly you or some one else will see and investigate ‘tree hay’ for your ruminant flocks/herds. I was just recommended a video by Perma Pastures Farm on the topic and it could be of help to homesteaders in feeding their animals on a budget. Shalom and many blessings to you and your family.

    1. @miketz lambert elkins I am very sorry to hear this. Yes, the video I referred to does give a caution about the toxicity of wild cherry trees, anyone using trees to feed their livestock need to investigate carefully what is toxic and know how to identify the tree/plant.

  6. سلام .. مرحبا اخي ..
    هل سمعت عن إغلاق اليابان لمطاعم ماكدونالدز !! اذا كان الخبر صحيح فأكثر سكان العالم ( اكلة لحوم البشر ) !!

  7. Just purchased new tools. All supplies for said tools. 1000 r for each tool. A very large canner. A 5 gallon still. Seting up movement alarm for driveway. Have 10 chickens.

  8. We have lived at our home for over 4 years. The ticks are absolutely ridiculous this year. The last couple years, we would find a dozen or so all season, this year, my son came out of the woods with over 60 ticks on him. It has been a much wetter August, but would it effect the tick population that much?

  9. So interesting these meat allergies emerging just as the carnivore diet is being shown to heal so many diseases.

  10. Zach, where did you find the info about astaxanthin and alpha-gal?
    I got some for my wife, but cannot find any information online for the uses against the sensitivity.
    Please respond.
    May YeHoVaH bless you and yours.

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