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Coming Lockdowns Meant To KILL Small Business?

Is the entire strategy of lockdowns and mandates to kill the small business owner? It seems we are

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  1. I think the small business squeezing, is deliberate…”control the goods, control the people.” Yes I changed a word from the original quote from Churchill, but it applies, doesn’t it. Yeah the elites want to control the food, but they want to be in control all goods…the created the consumers and, as a general whole, people don’t know how to provide for themselves outside of consumerism. Now they are going after a monopoly on all goods… You’re exactly right, Zach, we need to learn to produce our own…

  2. You’re probably right. Big business is for big government. So when you don’t comply they won’t sale to you cause big government is going to support them whether the consumer does or not.

  3. Once a year we buy all our meat from a local butcher. And they are always busy. As for big business… yup. One thing a big corporation doesnt want is any competition.

  4. I hope the small businesses that have made it thur 2020 will not comply this time. I know I’ll do my best to not to use the big box stores

  5. I’m a cabinetmaker, we raise chickens, Quail, Guinnea Fowl and I’m finding that customers are all Karen’s these days, one worse than the next. I’m going into semi-retirement due to this trend over the past 20 years. The amount of customers that are looking for any reason to sue the contractor is huge compared to 1986 and before on back to 1974. Maybe I’ve become too sensitive???

  6. My business thrived under Trump. I knew gas prices were going to soar as soon as Biden was elected. Between gas and food nobody was spending money at tourist stores and I closed 9 months later.

  7. It’s nice too know that you know about those 2 big companies that own it all! Wish my husband would listen too me about all this, but he refuses to listen !

  8. YOU Should have stopped and picked up the dog…. sad for the cruelty of humans on Animals, you just lost my respect…..

    1. It’s not a stray. It belongs to the people who live there. If they want to let their dogs out, it’s there business.

  9. That’s the plan, to only have one or two big box stores people can go for food, and to get in you have to swipe your chipped hand.

  10. Also Crime is killing small business, inflation is killing small business, legislation is killing small business, big box stores are killing business.

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