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Biden Admin Now Seeks To Ban Ceiling Fans To SAVE the Planet!

Ceiling fans are the latest target of the green cultist living in the beltway!

SIGN UP for the

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  1. If Biden wants to save the planet, he should retire along with the rest of Washington, and other government agencies

  2. JudithB LOL!! What about box fans??? I use ceiling fans and box fans, no ac!! I save lots of $s, altho its not as comfortable!! Yep, we are getting ready to cut wood, altho I have quite abit left from last year. Soon will be time to clean the chimney and the stove, may as well prune branches back off the roof too, and check for problems too. Happy Fall you all!!

  3. Luckily the country will broken up into new countries/ governments! The bad news there will be major upheaval so you may be forced to relocate!

  4. Any unknown drones over my homestead in Kansas, will receive. 40 cal projectiles. Always up for airborne moving target practice.

  5. this is a corporate move to run all the smaller competition out of business. they simply cannot get financing to upgrade their production lines to make products that meet these standards.

  6. Ceiling fans always help with keeping my house cool.If they do away with them it will make my electric bill go up.These people are communists and Tyrants.

  7. I’m actually looking for a gas range so I can convert over. I have nine ceiling fans in my house. They can blow me!

  8. Where in the HELL does this dictator (well, his handlers — HE’s braindead!) think he can just make rules for the country at random without the will of the people?! And why the HELL isn’t the Congress stomping on this?! There is NO LEGAL ability for that @ss to ‘set policies’ about gas stoves or ceiling fans or buying to not buying a ICE car!!! SOMEONE stop him!!

  9. I have a 4 burner gas stove top. Much much better than electric for canning. Will never go back to electric stove top. Also, don’t need power to use. My gas bill is the minimum charge so I don’t know how making my stove top more efficient is going to save me money. As far as drones go, they can fly alot higher than what I can shoot down.

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