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What homesteaders are doing right and what we are doing wrong in this movement.


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  1. It’s not about the clothing you can buy are all the other nice accessories, I’ve not even been able to buy all the things not even a quarter of it, I guess it’s because I’m not interested in cluttering my house. I do save my vegetable seeds and fruit seeds every year, living in the city I do have a small garden every year. I’m set in my own ways at 67 years old I like comfort I’m not so up on going out or trying to please other people don’t get me wrong I love to meet people I love people but I have my days to get things done the way I want. I do like my TV in the late evening before 9 P.M because my day starts most mornings at 5 A.M

  2. What is driving me to “homesteading”? I am growing my healthcare insurance, learning to be my own healthcare provider, reducing my reliance on big businesses, and connecting more with my community.

  3. Just for info a few years back Mountain Rose Herbs had an abortion Doula on staff and when people found out, mountain rose deleted the info and is why I no longer support them!!

  4. Why? Everything you said, but most importantly, because God told us to! We were given strict instruction to build our homestead for our family and those God sends to us, to see out the times ahead. Bring back New2Torah and speak the truth brother! Spiritual homesteading trumps all of these things.

  5. We do what we do because we love the lifestyle, to be as independent as possible, to provide sanctuary for our family.

  6. Spot on. Why do I, because it’s soothing to my soul to know where and how my food and medicine come from. After 10 years in the military, I learned skills they don’t want me to have and a severe distrust for this government.

  7. It was great meeting you at the Ozarks Homesteading Expo! Love the “Stupid Should Hurt” shirt and look forward to seeing you next year.

  8. Right!! We are listen and we are tell people around us all the time. Example: my sister had a conversation with the man (younger then us) about buying the property. He said, you know, with what your doing, your going to be alright. Meaning survive in this crazy world. My sister replied, why do you think we’re doing it? To survive and thrive.

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