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3 Reasons To Drop A Curriculum

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  1. We homeschool our two boys and have had to change curriculum numerous times. It took us a while to find what worked for our family. So many people push what works for them and forget that every kid is different. Think it’s great that you care enough to do the hard work and switch to what works for your family.

  2. I know what the Torah says. It says you’re supposed to stone stubborn and rebellious children to death. I think society has progressed to a kinder gentler approach. I disagree with homeschooling because it limits your child’s social interaction with his peers.

  3. I always liked drawing flowers. I guess I never thought of being girly. It will be interesting to see the personalities develop of my 2 little mans. My daughter is a girly girl. Thanks for the homeschooling videos. Really appreciate seeing viewpoints from a Torah family. Shalom!

  4. When I was homeschooling there was so much that I had to explain about history and science. I believe that the Bible was a great place to go for the base of history and we could build on that. Before any choice always pray and ask for YHWH to guide you. May the Father in Heaven bless your family

  5. We started my kindergartener on abeka and quickly dropped it. We have found time4learning.com and education.com was a better fit for us.

  6. Thank you! I love hearing other torah observers perspectives on curriculum. I would also love to see your homeschool book list as I’m not quite as well read as I wish to be. We have a very poorly stocked library in my town so I’m usually unable to read a book without having to purchase it and would like them to be worth the money!

  7. Years ago with my older girls we did story of the world got half way through and had to take a different route. I’m glade we didn’t buy any of the good and the beautiful. I know a few who did buy and love it. Just didn’t think it was a good fit. Sometimes you don’t know what will work untill you have the materials in hand.

  8. For your “boys boys” reading list you might look at the Robinson Curriculum, loaded with GA Henry books of history.

  9. Authors who have lasted the test of time have a place as a “classic”, if for no other reason but classic means, in part, it endures. However contemporary, and therefore not classic, have a place. Given enough time, the obscure authors may become classic. Perhaps evaluating authors by writing style, voice, etc. will be more useful because each author lends itself to various different kinds of rhetorical and literary analysis. For example, comparing Jack London and Mark Twain’s description of two major San Francisco earthquakes or Zora Neale Hurston’s view of men and self-identity through the eyes of a young woman to one in her 40s to Richard Wright and his view of manhood from childhood to adulthood. This type of analysis can be done with contemporary writers as well. As you are a well-read woman, I encourage you to boldly venture into the realm of authors yet unknown to you. There are wonderful opportunities to examine humanity through many vantage points if we choose. Public librarians are a wealth of information for just this endeavor.

  10. Shalom been praying for you seen this video said looks like Zach’s wife meet you at the Conference in Fayetteville Arkansas . Shalom how are you doing ? I sang with the RiverWinds at the Conference . Maybe you seen me . I meet you . YAH Bless you and your Family

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