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Achocha Fat Baby Seeds Now Available for Next Spring – An American Homestead

Our amazing production of Achocha cucumbers has allowed us to sell the seeds online. We have had many requests for these seeds and now you can have them. They are packaged and ready to go. They will be sent FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US. Sorry, no overseas orders.

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Comment (13)

  1. Just got my seeds in the mail yesterday, great looking seeds can’t wait to sow them in the green house, keep up the good work

  2. I orderered 2 packs… I grew achocha this season but mine Didn’t look like yours…
    mine had no spines on them and the leaves look like Marijuana leafs with one extra finger…. I guess your strain of achocha is different from mine….???????????
     any thoughts???
        Thanks for the Seeds….cant wait to grow em,.

  3. I ordered these seeds on September 30th and still haven’t received them. PayPal reflects me being charged for them.

  4. In the Caribbean we cal thenm wild cucumbers as the grow wild along the country roads. This was on my home island of St.Kitts

  5. I know this video was five years ago, I was wondering if you still have any of these seeds available for sale?

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