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Not using a recipe is sometimes a concept that can be hard to understand. This short video will serve as an introduction to four soup videos that will lay down a base formula. This starting point can then be used in whatever you have laying around to make an excellent meal without a recipe.

I believe cooking is an art, not a science. You get better at it the more you do it and then recipes are not needed as much for daily meals and planning.

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  1. Chef told me, Recipes when cooking more of a guideline. He said when baking it’s a must to follow. I can’t stand recipes and I can’t stand baking.

  2. Ariel doesn’t use recipes, I’ve always thought of it as crazy and chaotic. I tell her that there are rules and instructions and have even related it to Torah. If we don’t follow the rules then you risk failing and potentially ruining food. I’m not a food expert and she doesn’t consider herself one either, but this video gives another point of view. We have started doing more homemade stuff here lately like sauerkraut and bone broth. I will try to encourage more creativity and uniqueness from her from now on.

  3. Side note, I love seeing your off-grid kitchen, and how your family lives because I’m taking notes for when my family moves and starts living away from “society”. I like how your family seems to be thriving while off-grid. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Depends. Usually I can throw something together without a recipe but if I make pasta I need my go to recipe for the sauce. Still memorizing how to make Challah. Meatloaf i have a recipe for. A few others I have recipes for because I don’t always remember the measurements. Everything else i usually just throw together. I learned to cook by using recipes. Then I branched out and tweaked them or made up my own. I enjoy cooking so trying a new recipe imo is fun. Still have days though where I feel exhausted at meal times like now and just throw stuff together. The key I’ve noticed is in the spices and how well a certain food mixes with another.

  5. Will you be sharing what staples you keep on hand and formulas for basic food to build and modify for variation?

  6. Oh, Jamie, I am so looking forward to your series about cooking without a recipe! I do not love to cook, but I’m a mom to four children (well, my last is 6 weeks) and I have to cook and be creative and to adapt to their needs and wishes. Thank you! You are so sweet.

  7. I didn’t learn to cook until I was twenty one. My mother can’t cook, so she didn’t teach me. I went out and bought a couple dozen cookbooks over a couple of years to teach myself. These days I barely ever use them unless the horde asks for something specific like vietnamese. Who has time to look at recipes when you have to cook for six kids? I think if most people would realise cooking isn’t rocket science they would know it really isn’t that difficult. The only problem I seem to have lately is cooking for less people since I’m used to cooking for an army. The oldest three boys moved out. They eat soooooo much.

  8. I do the formula thing as well. This is going to be a great series. Do you by chance make your own “mixes” to start woth. I did see a Cream of “soup” base mix but did not like the spice mixture too much. Not basic enough for what I was looking for.

  9. Thank you so, this is the way my grandmother did for many year and there parents before that.Thank you so much.

  10. Love this! You are so right; there ARE common ingredients for different food styles you want to eat. Also, you have many ready made meals by canning and curing the meat like you do. Could you take us through an updated version of your pantry? (Saw the one from a few years ago)

  11. Ya know Ma’am….Cooking ‘by instinct’ is a rare art. Never sell yourself short concerning that skill. You are truly a ‘kitchen gem’. JMHO. ~ Eli.

  12. What’s a recipe? Just joking. I hate meal planning and shopping lists. My mother did mainly scratch cooking until I was about 10 when she had to go to work to supplement my dads part time income. When both my parents went to work, that left for rushed evenings after school so mom would end up buying a lot of boxed easy meals. As an adult I realized that while they might be easier, their nutrition was awful. I’m a cook by smell and texture type of woman. I might try a new dish using a recipe but if the family liked it, it gets memorized somehow lol. My oldest son, who is 21,says it the best. ‘Mom, all I see you do is throw this and that in without usually following any instructions, but somehow it always comes out yummy!’
    Can ya’ll make any videos on your smoked meats like sausages? Thanks for making these videos!

  13. I can definitely relate. I cook based on what I have and usually it’s whatever is in season that I grew and the deer in the freezer. Deer meat is our favorite.

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