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Zuckerberg’s Bug Out Bunker – Will He Survive?

We are going to explore the reports of Mark Zuckerberg’s new bunker that he is building in Hawaii. Will he survive a grid down scenario?

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Comment (18)

  1. What a shame all that property is going to go to waste because Zuckerberg is going to be found guilty for facilitating election fraud and will be in prison the rest of his life or worse

  2. Hawaii is ranked as one of the Top 3 worst places to Bug Out/Survive in a SHTF.. If you can get a copy of Strategic Relocation written by Joel M.Skousen Tons of information about where to build.

  3. One of the pictures with text said it was on the island of Kawai (probably not spelling it right) I’ve been there, not nearly as populated as the big island.

  4. I don’t like that dude. At All. But he has the right to spend his money and build what he wants. Our great constitution grants it to all in our “so called” free republic.

  5. I think i remember reading somewhere it’s been proven that after being underground for 3 weeks or so, you start to lose your marbles.

  6. He’s likely building it in anticipation of a worst case scenario coronal mass ejection / X-flare feared in 2025. Given that level of fortification, and EMP-like damage to all unprotected machinery, the likelihood of anyone being able to break in seems slim. As for food being grown near the road, invisible fences powered by nanotech could secure the plantations

  7. I’m with the other commentors. It’s a decoy.

    I understand why he calls you “city boy”. It’s APP AH LATCH AH. Not APP AH LAY SHA. lol Originally from Arkansas and now reside in Tennessee. Been here all my life. So yeah…you’re a “northern city boy”. Just pokin fun at you, Zack.

  8. I have to ask this question; Hawaii is an ISLAND. They have to import every nut, screw, board, window, bucket, water filter, box of cereal, etc. They have pineapples, coffee, sugar cane, fish and maybe some beef. You are on a LIVE volcano, you are near a US Naval base. SOOO, if we go to war, the Naval base will be a target. I’m not sure what a tactical nuke would do dropped in a live volcano, but I can guess. I would do it and let nature wipe out my enemy for me. Very cost effective. Remember the green lasers scanning the island in January 23′, then all of a sudden later in the year there is a massive fire in an area where people would not sell their land? Trial run in January? I wouldn’t be moving to Hawaii to bug out. The Dakota’s are far less populated. I was thinking about all of the staff needed to farm/security too. “Zuck ain’t gonna be tilling soil and plantin seeds.” That is a lot of mouths to feed. You mentioned about their families too, which I also thought of are additional mouths to feed/water. The locals in HI, or a foreign country will love you as long as you pay them to till, clean, etc. When SHTF, they will riot, or take you prisoner for ransom, or just kill you and take all of your stuff. IMO

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