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Protecting Gardens AND Livestock During SHTF

The destruction of the moral compass in this country has already resulted in homesteads even in very rural areas seeing an increase in crime and thefts. Take steps now to strategically protect your homestead assets like gardens and livestock and even chickens!


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  1. I need to start my garden for next year in our new lil estate. Thinking about also focusing on indoor garden areas. We are in city in small country town in Arkansas.

  2. People need to pay attention. Don’t be the person who Starves, standing next to a milk cow, on the inside of a ripe field of wheat.

  3. I see all these homesteaders and preppers on you tube talking about SHTF. The down fall of man and they are going to be the first targets. You give a map. Ever seen mad max? How is a homesteader going to survive that after all there advertisement??? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT…hope you liked the youtube money….
    Most of us never speak….we are out here but nothing like you…
    See you smoked….
    Play now.. suffer latter…

  4. Many people I know since childhood neighbors/friends have been in jail for up to 10 years for killing cows and horses in Cuba. The black market will pay you top dollars for the red-gold. In economic hardship the young still want to dress with the best clothes and shoes to attract the opposite sex and will take shortcuts or do whatever they have to do to have what they want; you also have the “professional thieves”. If you don’t have a barn you need to have a place with concrete and iron bars where to keep your animals secured. Thieves will walk away your animals and killed them outside of your property. My cousin had three milking cows in a really bad area in Havana and never had a problem because they wouldn’t kill the animals and butcher them “in house”. Fruits and vegetable people would always still from you but you will be able to get at least 80 percent of your products. Fruits that could be smelled at long distances like white pineapples just disappeared in Cuba cause no farmer would plant them. Barking dogs is something that thieves hate and many times they would poison the dogs that don’t let them work. If you have barking dogs they would leave you alone and go some other place.

  5. Many Americans would starve to death in a field of carrots. There are also lots of uncommon fruits and vegetables that a grocery store normally doesn’t have that can be grown and people won’t recognize them in a garden.

    What I’m saying is, if you have space, don’t grow all of your fruits and vegetables in a recognizable garden.

  6. I honestly don’t care about cooperation’s or franchises–if people steal from them I will look the other way.

  7. Over 35 years ago when we moved out to the country when i seen people plant sweet corn or tomatoes out by the road i would think they’ll be mad when someone helps themselves.
    My first garden was away from the road a ways and I always planted sunflowers on the side they could see from the road.
    I’ve had to move things closer as the dogs want to jump the fence and go with me to the garden. It’s probably better security anyway.

  8. Saw a guy a year ago recommend putting nails in lengths of garden hose where someone might hide behind a tree (in a triangle shape under some leaves) or on roads that people shouldn’t be driving down.

  9. The majority of people wouldn’t know how to prepare a meal from a garden or an animal. But I’m sure some will.

  10. We only raise a couple of Steers at a time but we do have over 100 chickens for eggs which we sell as well their meat. We have goats for milk and meat and pigs. Our gardens are raised bed in the summer time growing season and hydroponics for year round veggies which is in a green house. In a SHTF situation we will have trip alarms, Dogs, solar flood light with motion detectors. All animals are kept inside very secure enclosures. We will use what ever force is necessary to protect our livestock.

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