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Media JOINS Attack on Homeschoolers

Nationwide the attacks have been unleashed and they are using false accusations and half truths to push their case for the end of homeschooling. The system is fighting for its existence.


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  1. No matter where you go to school the parent needs to teach there kid to apply there selves. Problems stand an always will stand with the parents. They killed the family life an that is why kid’s are raised by social media. My kid’s are fine one in homeschooling an one in city school. My daughter graduated from a city school an went to college as well. College her choice not mine. Parents have everything to do with how your kid is raised not the school. Let the kid be raised by the education camps. That is the parents fault. Apply yourself smokey.

  2. My niece just pulled her 7yr old out of public school because she was being bullied by a boy. He even put his hands around her neck and they didn’t call her parents until she got home and told them about it. She was not safe in public school.

  3. And public school children never experience abuse! That argument is so ridiculous pointing the finger that one homeschool child 2as abused so we need to comb through homeschooling regulations. Give me a break!

  4. This whole deal reminds me of a great book called “Piercing the Darkness”. To me, because they are coming after the kids, this is spiritual warfare! They don’t want the masses to be problem solvers and thinkers, they just want trained factory workers coming out of public school.

  5. What about the teachers arrested each year for having a sexual relationship with their students? Does that mean we can shut the public school down.

  6. These people will use anything to vilanize homeschooling. All these people care about is indoctrinating all kids in public schools

  7. in reference to the books: I found out about an obscure copyright law from a sodomite horror publisher via a video about their lawsuit (don’t support the lifestyle but agree with the business model and the lawsuit). This Publisher revives lost forgotten magazines, newspapers, and novels mostly by the old rainbow community on amazon books. Because this Publisher put a couple of notes, demand letter from the copywrite office was sent to them even though the office already has a copy of most of the books. apparently adding more than a paragraph to an out of print book allegedly constitutes a new copywrite. So if you republish it, you could resell the books on amazon print to go service after sending the government a printed copy. I’m not a lawyer so go check with one.

  8. Linking abuse to homeschooling is absurd. But it is happening. 🙁

    I believe you are wrong to welcome testing. The fact is it allows gov into your home which is none of their business. When I was homeschooling my grandkids, my oldest would have failed standardized testing until about 3rd or 4th grade. He was on the spectrum, and just not ready for the information at that level yet. Then things “clicked” in his brain, and he was “above average” in no time (I did some of my own testing to see where they were at). His not meeting standard would have subjected us to??? require PS as if that would be the “answer”? More monitoring?

    Ironically, my oldest got his first job as a mentor in a special needs public school classroom. After only one week he came and thanked me realizing this would have been him in PS.

    If one does a small history study of homeschooling, you will find that in the 1970’s, some children were covertly homeschooled. They would stay inside during school hours, curtains shut. They were taught that if they were asked, they went to a small private school.

  9. Thankfully We live in Texas where the Governor and Attorney General sent out letters years ago (pre-cvd) stating that they supported homeschoolers and would and in no way put any regulations on homeschoolers. Praying that their stance holds even if public opinion turns against it.

  10. And how was the boy actually tied to homeschooling being the cause of death? Because no one else has ever killed a child who went to public schools. Personally, public school since leftist have taken over have become jokes with billions of dollars pouring into them while potatoes have been popping out.

  11. They can’t indoctrinate the homeschooled kids. Bet the homeschool kids know what gender they really are.

  12. How can ya force drag queens onto everyones children if ya home school your kids? Dana Nessel seems to think we should have drag queens in every school. Total idiot.

  13. ZAK, ask the Detroit Freepress and the Chicago Tribune what their role was in the kidnaping and murder of a west michigan father. Charles Prins, an Alto Michigan father was targeted and shot in the head in Newaygo county Michigan in 1998. Michigan State Police, Newaygo county shariff, Mike Mercer, FBI, ATF, Kent County prosecuter, Newaygo County, Ionia County prosecuter
    WZZM TV-13, Juliett Dragous, news ancor. Village of Alto, Kent County, The Ionia Sentinal. It was all arranged by TV-13 for ratings and profit
    These people don’t dare sue me for defimation because it would all come out in court. After i reopened my investigation a retired State Police Officer changed his name
    Prins was murdered on Natiinal Forest land and if found guilty could face the death penelty. Even those who conspired in these news organizations as late as 2022 to cover this up. Yes you who changed and deleted online news articals. Yes, you will go to prison as well. The facts are coming out this year in Michigan for all to see. So Zak, you give these news organizations far to much respect. They are criminals and they are aware that i will put them behind bars.

  14. I understand your reasons and respect your choices. But just know your New2Torah videos are missed. Shalom brother

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