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Lawn Mower BANS Take Effect In 2024

People choosing a new technology is one thing, Forcing them by lies and laws is another thing that doesn’t historically end well.


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  1. They’re going to try to take everyone’s land away, put them in 15 min city’s, so they think no one will be needing these heavy duty equipment

  2. Time to buy sheep – no gas, no batteries, and they fertilize the grass as they go. Lawn services could use their trailers to rotate their herds. For an additional fee, they could bring in chickens afterwards to break up the manure. Lawn services could also make money off wool, milk and mutton.

  3. My co worker has a solution.
    Get a gas powered generator and an electric lawn mower. Start up the generator, plug the lawn mower in, compliance!

  4. When I had a small 200 sqft yard, I used a corded electric mower…it worked fine for that small of a yard, but a quarter acre takes half a day with two gas mowers…

  5. I bought an electric chainsaw several years ago to cut down some small trees, less than 12 inches in diameter. The saw has a 14 inch bar and runs off household 120 volt current. It is mostly plastic. It cut fine with a sharp chain and lasted about 8 hours total time of running, before the plastic adjustment on the chain tension failed. The part that adjusts the chain and keeps it tight has worn down and now won’t hold an adjustment. This is part of the saw body and I will have to buy a new saw to fix the problem. I did like how you just plug it in and start sawing…but, I could see how cheap it was the moment I started using it. My old Homelite gas powered chainsaw worked for almost 20 years!

  6. The main idea is not eing able to homestead. You’ll have to move into a 15 minute city and let them build a solar farm there.

  7. I use rechargeable a chain saw and weed eater. Why? They’re light, work well, start at the press of a button. My old gas chainsaw seemed to need service every time I needed it. I don’t heat with wood. Well, pellets, but I don’t cut them myself. The only time I need a chain saw is to cut up a tree across the driveway, or some such. For what I’m doing with them, I think the electric ones are better.

    My mower is a large gas powered zero turn. I mow about 10 acres. How long do you think it’d take to mow my 10 acres with an electric mower? Never going to happen.

    If a tool is BETTER, for the task at hand, than an old version, then you won’t need to ban the old tool in order to get people to use the new one. People will seek out the better tool, regardless of price.

  8. We have 3 acres, 1.5 mowed. We have a 15 year old cub cadet rider. I looked at electric, $9000 with enough size and battery to mow our property. Don’t get me wrong, I have an electric chainsaw that we use to clean up branches and smaller falls and it works great, but I also have the 20″ Stihl for the big stuff. We also have a battery push mower for trim, but that was getting when we lived in town and mowed a 1/4 acres, but I will say I like the weight of it to do the little trim we need done around here. I see electric as a great option for smaller lawns, city people, but no way behind had is gonna work for those of us living in bigger property.

  9. That can’t be real. That’s ridiculous. You’d bankrupt farmers everywhere forcing them to buy all new equipment.

  10. I call the studies recycled fresh cow chips. The math does not add up. A cup of gas does not produce more pollution than a 20 gallon tank.

  11. I have 9 acres to mow. How in the heck would you mow with a rider if you are tethered to an extension cord. Not only is that totally inconvenient but dangerous too. Using extension cords with equipment get run over, cut and this can cause electrocution. To me that us more dangerous than a little gas fume.

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