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Billy Boy Is A LITTLE Upset With YOU!

He just doesn’t’ understand why YOU don’t understand that everything he’s doing is for the best.


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  1. The more recent generation started with the Reverend Thomas Mathis, and 1808, believing that we needed thin the population. Because there was no way that the Earth was going to be able to feed 1 billion people. Oops I guess that’s what happens when you stop worshiping the creator and start worshiping creation.

  2. I live in the city, but if I lived in the country, I would look into methane digesters to use with my livestock. To create mail and electricity from my own fossil fuels. See is documentary film Mad Max Thunderdome. It will be very applicable to another four years of the dumb and dumber administration.

  3. I give a crap what Bill Gates says or thinks almost as much as I would like to see a Whoopie Goldberg/ Oprah Winfrey presidency. Lol. NOT. What part of vegetarian doesn’t he understand, I eat most all animals that eat my vegetables. And if I don’t eat them, my chickens do. Gotta love my feathered trash compactors, and they love me because they give me tasty eggs.

  4. Is your Discord an active forum? I ask bcuz I joined another group in the past, and it was like watching paint dry, no one ever discorded, =8 )
    Not looking for besties, but at least more than before?

  5. I’ve tried the soy burgers that they sell at health food stores before, but I’m not eating any “meat” grown in a petri dish. Bill Gates needs to retire and stop trying to run other people’s lives.

  6. I know there is a woman Her name is Nicole Apellian I think and she has MS and she treats herself with herbs because the doctors could not help her and she was on that show alone and got very close to the end but had to leave because one of the plants that she needed for her MS was not on the island she was on I bought her book along with a few others

  7. What kind of person are you when you try to make a profit off of everyone possible? All will be judged soon. Pray to your GOD and ask for forgiveness.

  8. Even if you’re in an apartment, you can raise some of your own meat! Rabbits breed well, and quail are quiet

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