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Regulations COMING For Homeschool and Guns! – TAKE ACTION!

If you live in Missouri, you need to get active and call your state senators and representatives and tell them to AMEND or KILL SB 727. Call and email every day until you can confirm this has been fixed.


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  1. I called my rep in ST Francois county and he wasn’t even aware this was in the bill. No one reads the bills until after they are passed apparently. I’m running out of free states to move to

  2. Luckily I’m too old to have more children but I’ll be damned if the government in any fashion would be allowed to infringe on my second amendment rights to keep and bare arms with or without young children in my house. As well if they think they can force me to send my children to schools that don’t bother to teach them what they need to know but think genders are fluid they have another thing coming.

  3. Government must be told unequivocally that homeschool is a parental right and they will have ZERO oversight.

  4. If you’re going to stop a bad law you have to stop it before it’s even voted for, nip it in the bud. Once something is on the books it’s almost impossible to completely get rid of it.

  5. I can attest to that. My mom spent countless hours reading and working with me, and it put me so far above my peers from being in the bottom, percentile at the start.

  6. The worst in Cherokee county GA! Doubled property taxes over 5years in order to hire a new diversity candidate as superintendent against parents wishes. she’s a diversity Queen who knocked cross the board test scores in a neighboring county down 10 points and bought in tranny bathrooms for the 5 year olds as we understand it. Oh, and they killed the local charter school early to block another avenue of escape. Good luck getting any response from local or state reps….

  7. Everyone can learn to effectively challenge the baseless claims of jurisdiction made by government at the Marc Stevens channel or through his book Government indicted.

  8. Oh but you say they are getting a good education, how could the colleges be accepting a new cash herd every year to begin colleges??? The high school diploma and college degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. All I see is a bunch of educated idiots who can’t get a job, and we the tax payer having to pay their loans off.

  9. How can any children live in houses with guns but not be homeschooled with guns in the same house? Somehow, the WEF puppets will defy logic and reason. Where are kids in the most danger of getting unalived by guns? Public schools…

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