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When Things Are Broken – Refuge Medical Training

TCCC Training taken to a whole new level at Refuge Training. This without a doubt will be the most demanding and fun TCCC class you’ve been though.

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Refuge Responder


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  1. Only 500 views in the first hour….Boy, youtube shadow banned this video super fast.

  2. I had severe gall bladder problems a couple years back, and because I have butchering experience, I was able to just about pinpoint what organ was causing me pain. I guessed it was my liver – I was only slightly off, the gall bladder is attached to the liver. But because I knew the precise area where I was in pain, it eliminated the need for multiple tests on expensive equipment that would have put me in debt trying to diagnose. My liver DID hurt – because my gall bladder was inflamed and starting to infect because of gallstone blockage.

    Butchering experience absolutely helps with at least general diagnoses, and if you HAVE to operate on someone under emergency circumstances, you can identify the organs. Mammals have the same organs and they’re all in the same general area as far as where they are located in relation to other organs. Birds are very similar to mammal organs as well. I had to teach myself to butcher, and I will always regard that as one of my most important skills.

  3. I agree that being able to properly ‘take apart’ an animal teaches one how to first of all face any severe wound or break, but also helps demonstrate the mechanics of it all. The skill of butchering has an enormous amount of spin off value. Many years ago the butcher and his wife in my hometown had a murderous intruder break into their butcher-shop/house. The butcher fought off the knife wielding man with knives and the brute strength he had gained from a lifetime of this physically demanding occupation. The intruder fled and sadly murdered two little old ladies in their beds before making his way to the highway where the RCMP caught up to him. Sorry, but I can’t resist a story.

  4. Ron here, was down the row from you. Absolutely the best training I have had, including in the Army. Kicked my butt, however was worth every penny.

  5. We as student put BP cuffs on as tourniquets “back in school”. First, to know what the patient was going through, second to see how “reactive hyperemia” shows on ultrasound. And by the way, SLU was more “knife and gun club” than Barnes! Am glad that you were there. Keep up the great work brother!

  6. Sounds like an excellent program.
    My husband’s been trying to encourage me to take the class because I keep the lateral file cabinet stocked, and I’m the one who gathers the first aid supplies as we leave.

    I need to just do it. I already feel like I’m working on a medical degree. Within 18 months, my husband’s fallen getting off the tractor. We think he broke his leg. It was during covid, and he said he’d take his chances at home. Then he had chest pains and a heart attack with the mad dash to Ft Smith, and he followed that with prostate blockages and finally surgery, then he had lumbar back surgery.

    After your comments about the mud, he is now insisting I take the class. He thinks I need to crawl through the mud at least 1 more time. Hopefully, at 70, this will be the last time .

    Muscle memory is important for many things. Thanks to years at deer camp, I can butcher a deer in minutes. He laughs and says I can gut and dismember a deer a little fast well to suit him.

  7. Well said! Training was awesome, a real eye opener for sure. Love the Refuge Team. They’re incredible.

  8. So you’re seeing black people shoot eachother. We don’t have to lie this way

  9. Do they let young men take the class with their fathers? Say 15 and 16 year olds?
    **edited** I just heard you say your son was with you. Wondering what his age is?

  10. We put tourniquets on our legs in emt school. Hurts so bad. Worse than the arm. Couldnt walk right for an hour lol

  11. Another thing we did in EMT school was we had to do trauma assessments in the dark, with only pen light, and metallica blaring, and a strobe light flashing. It was great training.

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