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3 Reasons Why You MUST Homeschool Children

Let me give you 3 reasons why you must come up with alternatives when it comes to your children’s education. Plus a GHC convention review.



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  1. My daughter graduated a year and a half early after switching to home schooling halfway in her sophomore year. She also is in the running start program so she was also attending college classes. That helped a lot too. As the 2 homeschool programs we used werent very good. The first one (insight k-12) was basically public school done at home with teachers that seemed to be the weirdest of the weird. Then the 2nd one Discovery K-12 gave me no instruction. Gave her assignments but no way for me to check it. So I would read over her work before she submitted it, not knowing if she was doing good or not. Find the right program.

  2. I homeschool my six children (oldest is graduating this year). It’s so hard but SO good. I think of all the time I’ve gotten to spend with them, all the victories we’ve won in academics and faith, all the ways I’VE been refined into someone better than I would have been otherwise, and I am just so grateful. I’m glad I have many many more years of teaching ahead of me (Lord willing).

  3. 1983 high school graduate here. I’ve been working since I was 14, looking back I should of worked more and left that worthless diploma behind. I’m so thankful I didn’t go to college at that teenage impressionable age.

  4. I will gladly continue to homeschool my kids. Lately, I’ve heard people blaming homeschooling for the degradation of education. Like if we had stayed in the system, it wouldn’t be this bad. I’m not sure how to respond to that. As a licensed teacher, I will never teach in a public school again. Why would I drop my kids into that?

  5. This is all the truth! I started homeschooling my son right before the pandemic hit. It was because of two reasons: They said he was too hyperactive to learn (but not a behavior problem, go figure) and second, he was getting bullied. We tried for a year and a half to resolve this and to the school’s credit they were suspending the kids who were doing it. It was the same two boys, but it wasn’t doing anything to stop them. They’d get a week off of school and my son would get a week of peace. The whole thing would continue as soon as the boys were back in school. They would gang up and beat him up when “nobody was looking” and one time they tried to push him down the stairs. In the end the principal said that there was nothing more that she could do. Can you believe that? First, they told me that they couldn’t teach him and then they said they couldn’t keep him safe at school. Oh, and my son was in the third grade at the time, that’s right two boys tried to push my son down a flight of stairs in the THIRD grade. So those of you who think your kids are okay if they are in elementary school, think again. After this the pandemic hit, and I took it as God telling me that I needed to just homeschool them all. It’s like a switch was flipped in them. The sullen nature was gone, the negativity and aggression were gone. I had my kids back and that -more than anything- convinced me that I was right to homeschool.

  6. Love your passion for this. We are pulling my daughter out of private school for the reasons you listed AND because our state is now paying for tuition IN FULL for anyone who qualifies for the hand out. This is the reason we didn’t put her in public school. School choice is turning private schools into public. The school is in for a huge surprise once these kids- whose parents could care less about raising their kids properly. We are done

  7. GOV schools teach people to depend on the GOV, not on GOD!

    Is it not a conflict of interest that the government is in charge of teaching the next generation of voters how to think?

  8. My wife was visiting family with some of our children recently. She said many of them commented how our children were different, specifically how they could carry on in conversations with adults. Something they are not used to since most children are not taught or experienced in having conversations with adults. A good friend once answered me when I was asking advice about raising my children. He asked “Are you raising children or young men?” That was eye opening for me. I have children but I want them to become amazing adults. Schools are a system of being raised by their peers and if the opinions of snot nosed children is what you want out of the adults you raise, then put them through the system, otherwise raise them yourself.

  9. French-Canadian here. The American school system produces donkeys. When American kids are questioned on basic geography or history, they can’t answer. They answer stupidly. They haven’t learned anything. It is appalling. I’m not sure our youth is doing much better.

  10. When I started homeschooling I was a single full time working mom. Grandma was my daycare. We used time4learning. Turnkey online system with very good parent controls to monitor and adjust what to include or eliminate from the curriculum. It’s all online so my daughter can do it anywhere at grandmas or wherever there is WiFi. I could check her progress while at my job. That worked very well for me and there are other such options out there. Just remember that no parent is “too dumb” to educate their child. That is a scare tactic the system uses to keep your kids in their power. The teachers follow ThE SAME curriculum in classrooms. They don’t write it, they just put it in front of kids the same as anyone who can read can do, and parents certainly can do it better peacefully at home.

  11. Went to enroll kid in prek and their intake form had preferred pronoun of student…. Said nope. Walked away. Changed hrs of work and just homeschool

  12. My son is finishing 5th grade and we’re pulling him out of public and homeschooling starting next year. We’re all very excited.

  13. We home schooled our youngest child. Our biggest regret is that we didn’t home school our 3 older kids. Get your precious children out of the schools, public and private alike.

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